How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked

How to prevent your FB account from being hacked? The big question in 2022 is the same as in the last decade. The Guardian reported that Facebook quietly admitted that it had stored millions of unencrypted passwords in plain text online.

How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked

Since its admission, the social media giant seems to be on a less than successful deflection campaign. Facebook’s new privacy tool isn’t exactly what it promised as well. But this wasn’t the first time Facebook had to admit that user accounts had been compromised.

How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked

In 2018, USA Today reported that 30 million Facebook accounts were hacked, with names and contact details accessed by the attackers. The thing is, many people have complained about how little Facebook has done to help those who had their accounts affected.

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How to Protect Facebook Account From Getting hacked

So, the question is: if Facebook cares so little about our privacy, what do you do when you find out your Facebook account or other social media account owned by Facebook gets hacked? And what is the best way to prevent hackers from accessing your accounts in the future?

What Facebook Says to Do

Many people want to know, How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked.

According to Facebook, you should always keep a lookout for suspicious activity. If you notice something unusual, Facebook advises you to visit its Report Compromised Account page to secure your account. You will be asked to change your password and report any questionable login activity. If you notice the following activity on your Facebook account, report it immediately.

How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked

How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked?

You notice your email and password have been changed. Notice someone other than you changed the name on your account. You see your birthday has been changed.

Notice friend requests have been sent from your account that you don’t recognize your notice strange messages have been sent to your friends. You notice unknown posts have been written on your wall.

In addition to that, Facebook offers some “tools” that are supposed to help you keep your Facebook account secure. It also advises users to learn how to prevent malicious software from compromising your account. Lastly, consider an attacker has successfully changed the email address associated with your Facebook account. In that case, you can reverse this change by asking Facebook to send a particular link to your original email account.

Tips on How to Prevent Attackers From Accessing Your Account

In today’s Digital Age, it’s crucial to use social media securely and responsibly. As pointed out by many cybersecurity professionals, “privacy and security settings exist for a reason,” so use them. The best way how to stop a Facebook hack is to prevent anyone from being able to try. Below are a few ways to prevent attackers from accessing your Facebook or other social media accounts.

How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked

Don’t share your personal information with others on social media. Even if someone related to you or a friend messages you on Facebook asking for sensitive personal data, you should question why they chose Facebook. Why didn’t they call or text your phone?

You have no way of knowing who is messaging you, even if the account is owned by someone you know in real life—what if their account has been compromised? If a friend or family member you trust messages you from Facebook asking for personal information, be sure to request that they verify some way or another that it’s them.

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How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked?

Lastly, since Facebook has a bad reputation concerning privacy, it’s best not to send such information over Facebook anyway. Know who you friend on Facebook and keep close track of who is on your Friends List. People use Facebook for a wide variety of reasons—to stay in contact with family and friends, conduct business, follow what is going on in the world, follow different news outlets, among other things.

But people also use Facebook to prey on others. According to Vox, Facebook closed nearly 2.2 million fake Facebook accounts at the beginning of 2019—that is a lot of fake people out there! The question is: what were all those fake accounts set up to do? No one knows. But one thing is for sure: no one wants to be friends with fake people, right? This is why it’s helpful in only friends who can prove they are real. Use as many security measures as you can to better prevent hackers from accessing your account. The best way to keep your Facebook.

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How to Prevent Your FB Account From Being Hacked?

This includes keeping your smartphone’s system updated. System updates are for a reason and usually have essential security updates. Secondly, don’t share your information with just any website, and be sure to control what information websites can share about you with others—this is called “owning your online presence.” Lastly, don’t use the same passphrase across multiple accounts; if you do that, if one account gets hacked, the rest usually do as well. And make passphrases complex, which means not your birthday, address, name, nickname, or something else attackers can easily find out.

Social media is an excellent tool; no one can deny that. However, it can work against you if you’re not careful. Using up-to-date security features such as two-factor authentication and other similar security measures can significantly protect all of your social media accounts.

How to Protect Facebook account from getting hacked?

One of the most useful things to protect your online accounts is to turn on your multi-factor, or the two-factor, authentication for most of your important accounts as you can. The method uses a two step process of information—often a code generated by an app or sent via SMS—alongside a password. You can also have an email sent from another email account not the one from the account as a recovery email. This one of the best ways on how to protect facebook account from getting hacked.

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