Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef in Quebec Canada

Where to buy grass fed beef in Quebec Canada is a question that is being asked much more frequently by health-conscious consumers. But that is just the beginning of the question because there is a big difference between grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Whether you go directly to the farms or visit the local butcher, you must be a keen shopper to find the actual product you want.

The majority of the Canadian beef market is grain or corn-fed. That changes the nutritional value of the meat significantly. To answer where to buy grass-fed beef in Quebec Canada one must first understand what grass-fed means.

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Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef in Quebec Canada

Grass-fed beef comes from cattle that eat grass. In some areas, the Canadian climate doesn’t allow farmers to grow grass all year round for their cattle. So during winter, their diet consists of silage and hay. Farmers may provide some grain to ensure the cows have sufficient energy in extreme circumstances.

However, when some cattle are 3-4 months old, they are fed on an adjusted diet of corn and barley. What does this mean? If the same cattle are changed to a diet of grass later, it can then be called grass fed beef.

The critical difference is that grass fed is not the same as grass-finished. Of course, the cattle that begin and continue to eat grass throughout their lives lead a more natural lifestyle. The beef that comes from this grass fed and grass finished cattle is a much better diet choice for those trying to avoid GMOs.

Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef in Quebec Canada

Ferme Grazing Days Farm offers the best grass-fed beef in Canada. It’s operated as a family-run farm located in St.-AndrĂ©-Avellin, Quebec. They have developed unique expertise in sustainable agriculture. When it comes to raising the highest beef available, these guys are amazing.

When deciding where to buy grass fed beef in Quebec Canada that is also grass finished, one must consider the entire farming process. Grazing Day’s Farm practices are a big part of consistently making their products the highest quality.

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Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef in Quebec Canada

No Artificial Hormones or Antibiotics

The farm focuses on animals’ well-being – there’re no artificial hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives used here. And that’s why their finished products are higher in vitamins and antioxidants. Even better, their beef has twice as many omega-3 fatty acids.

Grass fed and grass finished beef tends to be both leaner and softer. When grass is grown naturally and processed correctly, it’s more flavorful. So the processes in place at Grazing Day’s Farm make the beef much more nutritional, but it simply tastes better.

The Team Follows Organic Protocols

When it comes to raising cattle, the folks at Grazing Days Farm don’t take shortcuts in animal practices. They focus on the proper management of herds to increase animals’ natural resistance. This is another reason why it is the best place to buy grass fed beef in Quebec Canada.

Since the farm pays attention to holistic grazing techniques, there’s a steady supply of nutrient-dense grass. The cattle are grass-fed exclusively during the summer months and for as long as weather permits.

About Ferme Grazing Days Farm

If you’re searching where to buy grass fed beef near me in Quebec, you have found the place. Grazing Days Farm understands the importance of raising livestock naturally. All products are thoroughly tested, and they offer only the highest quality products. Also, they always maintain humane and ethical farming practices.

Paul worked on the family farm in the early days, but his love for studies led him to study engineering. Later, he found himself in the food sovereignty movement in Canada. Josee was raised in suburbia and later pursued sociology and feminism. They have worked in resourced centers, research institutes, and much more.

Ferme Grazing Days Farm started 40 years ago. Initially, it was 40 acres but later expanded in 2013 to 65 acres. In 2014, they purchased 100 acres but later bought an additional 100 acres. The total land was 200 acres plus leased 170-acre land. In 2017, they purchased an incubator and expanded the herd to 75 cows. The farm continues to expand its network.

When deciding where to buy grass fed beef in Quebec Canada there is one clear choice. This farm is fully sustainable and they believe in regenerative practices. Also, they observe the highest audit standards and are always looking for ways to enhance the quality of life.

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Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef in Quebec Canada

Why Grass-fed Beef Matters

In Canada, there are no national or provincial grass-fed standards. There’s also a lot of confusion about how to use the label. Some people use the term grass-fed since the cattle spend part of their lives grazing pastures. But in reality, they spend a third of their lives on grain-based diets.

Understanding labels is even more reassuring. Some are grass-only, grass-fed, or 100% grass-fed and grass finished. The consumer can somewhat discern if the cattle have ever been fed grain with such terms.

When you eat grass-fed beef, you can be sure you’re getting the best product. Grass-fed beef is high in conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and omega-6. These nutrients help reduce the risk of arthritis, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease.

So, Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef in Quebec Canada?

Above all, proper grazing protects the streams, rivers, and soils. The best farm should be committed to providing nutritious food and supporting local businesses. This is just another reason you should consider Ferme Grazing Days Farm when deciding where to buy grass fed beef in Quebec Canada.

Ferme Grazing Days Farm guarantees grass-fed beef. They don’t take shortcuts when it comes to healthy farm practices. Theirs is a strict policy of no hormones, antibiotics, or synthetic pesticides. Their beef products are nutritious, full of vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids, and taste delicious. Their products speak for themselves.

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