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white lupine and hair loss

White Lupine: Your ally against hair loss

Men and women alike, regardless of age, suffer from hair loss. How stressful! And worst of all is that the more you worry, the more it falls. However, there is an excellent solution for your problem.

Hair loss may be due to different causes, such as hormonal problems, stress, poor diet, among others.

There are also countless treatments on the market specifically designed to eliminate this condition. However, there is one ingredient in particular that is little known but very effective to put an end to this annoying situation. This is the “White Lupine,” and we’re sharing some of their properties.

  • White lupine is native to the Mediterranean region and South America.
  • Its extract is rich in a protein that can inhibit one of the main mechanisms responsible for hair loss.
  • It stimulates microcirculation of the scalp.
  • Thanks to its lipid and protein composition similar to that of the soy, it possesses significant cosmetic properties.
  • Penta-peptides can be extracted from its seeds that stimulate the growth factor, reinforcing the cutaneous microcirculation and smoothes the skin microrelief.
  • This active compound is rich in amino acids, vitamins and nutrients.

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