How To Choose The Right Shoes If You Have Fallen Arches

How To Choose The Right Shoes If You Have Fallen Arches

Fallen arches can be extremely painful and picking the correct shoes can have a big impact on how your feet feel and also how quickly you can repair this injury. Here are some good tips for picking the right ones below.


  1. Replace your shoes frequently. If you have flat feet, you may have a tendency to overpronate. This can cause your shoes to break down much more quickly. This is especially true for running shoes. To ensure that your feet are getting the support that they need, be sure to regularly invest in new, supportive shoes to replace your old ones when they start to show signs of wear.


  1. Avoid buying cheap sandals or shoes. Most stores or markets have incredibly cheap sandals, flip-flops, or other types of slip-on shoes available. Sometimes, they even sell them out of buckets rather than placing them on shelves. No matter how stylish they are, avoid the temptation to buy these types of shoes. They don’t provide adequate support, which can leave you with significant pain after walking even a short distance. You should always look for supportive shoes such as those from Orthotic Shop.


  1. Choose winter boots that provide plenty of support. Popular styles of winter boots like the ones that are lined with fleece or sheepskin are generally a poor choice for people with fallen arches. They simply don’t have enough arch support to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. When purchasing winter boots, look for a pair that has enough arch support and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable, no matter how far you walk during the course of a typical day.


  1. Minimize high-impact exercises. Running is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get exercise. When the weather cooperates, you can run for free outside. Even when it gets cold, you can easily jump on the treadmill to burn some extra calories. If you have flat feet, however, this may not be the best exercise for you. Consider opting for workouts that are a little lower impact. Biking, doing yoga, or using an elliptical machine are all great choices.


  1. Invest in orthotic insoles. You can find orthotic insoles at just about any pharmacy or drugstore. Don’t feel like you have to visit a podiatrist so that you can have a pair of custom insoles made. There are plenty of great options available at the drugstore. The key is to find the right insoles. To get the best results, you will most likely need to trim them to fit your shoes precisely. You also may need to experiment with several different types of insoles until you find the ones that provide you with the best comfort and support. Check the store’s return policy before investing money to make sure that you can bring back the insoles if they don’t wind up working.



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