Most Common Winter Style Mistakes

Most common winter style mistakes. With the days getting colder and the nights getting longer, winter is rearing its head at us. While it can be tempting to put on the warmest thing you have to go outside, you don’t need to sacrifice the way you look for comfort.

Most Common Winter Style Mistakes

With all the extra layers, being stylish is both easier and more difficult depending on how you view it. Here, we’ll walk you through some of the most common winter style mistakes so that you can walk out in that frigid air looking sharp.

Slacking on Headwear

On the coldest days, you’re probably going to want something to cover your head or ears at the very least. Try to skip grabbing the same beanie you’ve been wearing for years and swap out for a proper hat that matches your outfit. If you just want to keep long hair out of your face from the freezing wind, you could try a stylish hair tie to complement or contrast with your look.

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Not Taming Your Hair

Speaking of hair, winter is the easiest time to let it grow wild. This goes for guys and girls—just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you should start missing your salon or barber appointments. A mess of split ends or a scraggly beard can make you look like you’re not put together very well.

Having a Sub-Par Overcoat

Arguably the centerpiece both of your outfit and your ability to stay warm, a nice overcoat will last you a long time. If there’s one thing you don’t want to compromise on, it’s probably this. Overcoats can last for a long time (if they’re high quality), and they frame the rest of your outfit. Having a shabby overcoat can ruin any outfit you have underneath it.

Wearing Ill-Fitting Pants

No matter who you are, wearing pants that don’t fit is a bad look at any time of the year. As it gets colder, some may want to fall back into their oversized jeans or jump into their yoga pants. Neither of these will make you look polished or keep you warm while outside.

Wearing Improper Footwear

Spring and summer are the times to experiment with your footwear. Winter, however, is all about practicality. No one is going to think your canvas shoes look good if they’re soaked through from the water and snow outside. Be realistic about the places you’re going in the winter and try to pick shoes and boots that are waterproof and warm.

These are just some of the most common winter style mistakes, and you don’t have to make them if you put a little thought into your outfits each day. Even if you’re not planning on leaving your house, still make yourself look presentable for your own sake.

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