Decor Ideas for Your Garden

Decor Ideas for Your Garden

Want to decorate your garden so it looks great this summer. These tips will help ensure just that.

Inventory of Your Garden Furniture

Before you begin making inspiration board or start shopping, you need to take stock of the garden pieces that you already own. You need to determine which pieces can be repaired and which pieces should be replaced. One of the best times to purchase garden decor is preseason sales. It should be noted that prices increase when the weather begins to warm. Since outdoor living spaces are used as an extension of your house, you should opt for pieces that complement the design of your home’s interior.

Perennials are Perfect Plants

Weeds can be removed once the ground has thawed. When shopping for perennials, you should determine which plants will thrive in your area using the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. In addition to this, you will need to determine the subclimate of the location where you will be planting. There are many conditions that can affect your plant’s ability to thrive. Using the USDA Zone Map and determining the subclimate can help to ensure your plants will do well in your location.

Once you have determined which zone you are in, you should determine what type of vibe you want for your garden (tropical, wildflowers, an English garden, etc.) and the color palette you want. You want to choose a few plants that will attract bees as these natural pollinators will keep your flowers blooming throughout the season.

If you do not have a large garden area, you can bring color to your backyard using containers. Containers filled with beautiful flowers will add a hint of color to your small porch, balcony or patio.

Next Step, Fire Pit

Creating a fire pit in your backyard is surprisingly easy and only requires a few inexpensive materials. Fire pits make the perfect place to entertain in the late evening and night when temperatures tend to become cool. Additionally, a fire pit makes an instant focal point and beckons visitors to gather around the fire pit.

You can build a wooden cover that can be placed over your fire pit to serve as a table for your drinks and snacks while the sun is up. Once the sun sets, the cover can be removed to reveal your firepit. Creating a double duty firepit can maximize your garden area.

Increase Your Shade

We know that the main thing that draws people outdoors during the warmer months is the sunshine; however, all-day sun exposure can be frustrating. Creating a space that includes areas of sun and areas of shade can maximize your outdoor living space.

There are many stylish options, so you do not have to settle for a patio umbrella. Adding a pergola to your outdoor area is the perfect place for relaxing or enjoying an outdoor meal. A Sun Sail can provide your outdoor spaces with a modern look while providing you with some much-needed shade.

Light It Up

Although a state of the art lighting plan that is installed by a professional would be great, there are many inexpensive lighting options available on the market. Additionally, you may already have some lights that can be used in your outdoor space.

You can wrap your trees with string lights to create an enchanted forest look. A hanging lantern or birdcage can be filled with string lights to provide a concentrated burst of brightness.

Solar powered LED pathway lights can illuminate your walkways or the edge of your patio. There are also solar powered spotlights that can illuminate your home, a fence or some foliage.

Use Outdoor Curtains to Create Outdoor Rooms

You can create the feel of an outdoor room by adding curtains. These curtains can help to enclose your outdoor space and make it feel much more intimate. Attach hooks to the underside of your porch, pergola or awning and hang curtains on a curtain rod.

Outdoor fabrics have better durability; however, if you want to create an ethereal effect, you can opt for transparent fabrics if you are willing to take them down when they are not in use.

Use Water to Create a Tranquil Spot

Adding a water feature from Outdoor Fountain Pros or windchimes is the perfect way to provide a soothing sounding backdrop. The trickling sound of water can help to create a zen-like experience. In addition to water and windchimes, you can increase the tranquility of your garden space using hanging baskets and sculptures to your garden.

Enjoying the outdoors has been shown to restore the mind and the body. Creating an outdoor space allows you to relax, unplug and enjoy the great outdoors.

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