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Foods that Can be Eaten after Expired

Foods that Can be Eaten after Expired, we all look at expiration dates. But what do they mean, and far can you push it.

Did you know that there are foods that can be eaten after expired?

Of course, this is not ideal, but knowing this information may be able to get you out of trouble once in life. We share seven foods that can be consumed even when expired.

1. Eggs

Fresh eggs can last in the refrigerator up to 21 days. If you don’t consume them all by this time, you can bake them, then cooked eggs last another week. There is a surefire way to check if the eggs are fresh and fit for consumption, and this is to dip the egg in a glass of water. If the egg sinks, it is consumable to eat. So if it floats, throw it away.


2. Flour

Any flour, in general, can be consumed up to 6 months after its expiry date. Biscuits and pasta can also be eaten without problems after the date.

wheat flour

3. Frozen Products

These foods can be eaten even two months after the expiry date. If you prepared some food and put it in the freezer, be sure to put a label with the date so that you do not exceed the month and a half.

4. Wieners

These sausages that are made with mystery meat can be eaten even ten days after the date, always indicated that they had been adequately prepared; however, if the sausages have a strong odor is preferable not to consume them. Keep in mind they are not healthy; even fresh the nitrates alone are not healthy.

raw sausage

5. Creams and Purees in Tetra brick packages

As long as they remain closed and have 2 to 3 months expired, these foods can still be eaten; it is only necessary to boil well during cooking.

cream - Foods that Can be Eaten after Expired

6. Pasteurized Milk

We always talk about a closed container. It can be consumed up to one month after the expiration date, as indicated. Once you open the packaging will last only 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator. Also, the smell test if it smells sour, then throw it out.

fresh milk, Foods that Can be Eaten after Expired

7. Foods that Can be Eaten after Expired – Canned Food

Whether corn, peas, carrots, and that kind of products we usually buy canned, have a margin of up to one year after the expiry date. The cans should be in dry places and be in perfect condition, i.e., showing no rust or bulging areas. Watch out for dented cans; try to buy them undented.

canned goods, Foods that Can be Eaten after Expired

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