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Boring House? How To Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Home

There’s no avoiding it—even if your home is perfect on the inside, its judged by the outside. That’s not to say we have to please everyone else with our home’s exterior. However, it’s nice to enjoy everything about your house, for yourself. The bonus when the exterior is unique and lovely is that it does make the neighbors happy, and even those walking or driving by enjoy the view. If your home’s exterior is looking dull, we’ve got some ideas for how to spruce up the exterior of your home.

Make a Statement With a Door

Nothing changes the appeal of a house like a front door. Choose one that makes a statement. A light-colored house with a bright red door looks bold. A black door on a brick home looks elegant. There are too many options to list. Your door doesn’t have to look like all your neighbors’ doors. Choose one that suits your personality and your style.

If your door has seen better days, it’s time to take it down and put a new one up. If it’s still in good shape, simply stain or paint it. Add a beautiful wreath to your door for an even prettier and more welcoming look.

Style the Windows

Even the highest quality windows simply look like plain windows unless some accessories are added. There are two beautiful choices for dressing up your exterior windows: shutters and window boxes.


Shutters are available in both fixed or functional options. In other words, they can be purely decorative or actually used to create privacy and protection. Both work well, and either way, shutters add instant charm and elegance to a home.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are placed just below the window and filled with flowers that bloom during spring and summer. They require a bit of maintenance during the growing season, but it’s kind of fun to open up the windows and water the flowers each morning. If you enjoy a cottage-style look, you’ll really love window boxes. When used in tandem with shutters, your house will have the cutest exterior on the block.

A Front Gate

Even if a fence isn’t necessary in your front yard, you can add a little front gate to a partial fence, just because it’s super cute—like you! The classic white picket style works well for this, as does black wrought iron. There are many types of roses and flowering vines that can grow on the partial fence as well.

Light the Evenings

A simple lantern on a post at the front of your home or end of the walkway brings a feeling of nostalgia and makes your home feel welcoming. There’s something warm and cozy about a vintage-style lantern that looks like it’s run with gas rather than electricity. Your home will bring the entire neighborhood a sweet charm in the evenings.

Using our ideas on how to spruce up the exterior of your home along with your own creative visions will have your house looking like new rather than dull and boring. Prepare for approving nods from envious neighbors.


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