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Why is there a Worm in Tequila?

Why is there a Worm in Tequila? With all the jaw-dropping cuisines and creative options available today, the food and drink industry continues to amaze us. Where it would be chaos if one found a fly in the soup, today, an enchanted drink, this particular parallel of Tequila, actually comes with a worm!

Why is there a worm in Tequila, and why are we ok with that? Well, the history behind the question of why do they put a worm in Tequila is quite interesting. This article will explain why is there a worm in Tequila for all those who are interested in this unique phenomenon.

With many reasons for this bizarre addition, the ‘worm in tequila’ will surely have one thinking about the idea and the epic surrounding this drink.

Why is there a Worm in Tequila?

Why do they put a worm in Tequila? The answer is as simple as where the worm comes from. The Gusano de Maguey or the “worms” usually feed upon this plant. They are not precisely worms but moths (Comadia) in the larva stage of their metamorphosis.

Though these larvae are atypical, they are white and added to the shots or the bottles. The other kind of worm added is the Scyphophorus Acupuntatus or the Agave Weevil red in color.

These worms are more of a thrill addition to the drink and do not have any elixir-like properties.

Why do they put a worm in Tequila? The larvae have become an indispensable part of local, authentic, and rustic experiences of the place where Tequila is made. It is more like eating the boiled silkworms after deriving the silk. Here, however, the larvae are used before they turn into moths.

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Why is there a Worm in Tequila?

Why Do They Put a Worm in Tequila?

Well, it is not precisely Tequila that we are talking about here. The thrill drink with the worm is a similitude of Tequila, known as Mezcal. Mezcal has a different preparation method and composition. Tequila and the Mezcal derive from the succulent plant called Agave or Maguey.

They are natural sweeteners that are fermented and used robustly in the alcohol industry. Tequila and its varieties use a minimum of 51% agave, whereas Mezcal uses 100% agave sweetener. But that is just one of the differences between the two drinks.

Tequila is distilled and derived with the help of copper utensils, and Mezcal forms in clay pots. The value addition for Mezcal and Tequilas is a different scale on the time factor.
Also, the alcohol percentage of Mezcal is positively more than Tequila’s, mainly because Mezcal is distilled twice.

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But, Why? Why is there a Worm in Tequila?

This speculation can have both a logical and folkloric explanation. The logical explanation is that the agave farms handle very similar colored high spirits with different internal compositions, uses, and values. To differentiate and organize the bottles of liquid, one dropped worms inside Mezcals because they did not cause any change of taste to the drink.

The other acceptable reason is simple marketing. The worms in the spirit bottles are merely a part of marketing and drawing customers to the eccentric addition. The worm would taste like gummy worms, making the drinker feel like they are completing a dare or enjoying a delicacy. Since Tequila and Mezcal are closely affiliated with certain Mexico regions, a worm in a bottle of brew will allure buyers from around the globe.

Why is there a Worm in Tequila?

Why is there a Worm in Tequila?

Why do they put a worm in Tequila?

Another simple answer is that people like to say they ate the worm. The worms can be chewed up with the drink or fried and salted for drinks and snacks. Perfectly edible as they are, the larvae can be intact and safe over time, yet, if it is more of a market stunt, having them will be less preferred.

Many chefs experiment with the vast possibilities of using the larvae in Tequila/Mezcal. They include familiar recipes of snacks and crunchies that go along with the drinks. Fried, salted, or spiced, the worms cook well, and they will not feel freaky once some tequila has entered the bloodstream.

Why Do They Put a Worm in Tequila?

The worm in the drink is no doubt an adventure. Try it only if you are comfortable and if you can handle the possible physical stress that may come about. The worm will not cause any hallucinations but may have you in a frenzy of thoughts of ‘eating a worm,.’ So go ahead and experience this strange combination at least once. But be sure to drink responsibly and not drink the whole bottle just to get to the worm.

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