Different Types of Tequilla

Healthy Benefits to Drinking Tequila

You no longer have to be in Mexico to enjoy a shot or a specialty drink whose main ingredient is Tequila. This specialty of Mexico has made its way into mainstream culture and is now a favorite in many countries across the world. One reason for its recent surge in popularity may be that most people who partake in drinking, sipping or shooting Tequila find that they do not wake up with a hangover, as long as you are choosing a brand that is 100% agave. Without all the added sugars, you can toss back a couple of shots with friends and have no fear that your head will be pounding in the morning.

Another shocking side effect of drinking tequila is that it can potentially help you lose weight. Strange to hear, I know, as most diets say you have to prohibit drinking alcohol if you want to lose weight. However, Tequila contains agavins, the sweetener that is neither nectar nor sugar, so it does not raise your blood sugar levels. For this reason, calories from Tequila pass straight through your systems, and while doing so have been shown to stimulate your metabolism and even assist in melting existing fats. Another excellent effect the agavins in Tequila is that they support calcium absorption, which can help ward off the weakening of bones and possibly osteoporosis.

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