Surprising Health Problems Affecting Over 80% of Women

Surprising health problems affecting over 80% of women. As women age, we tend to shrug off small physical discomforts such as fatigue, stomach bloat, and occasional inconsistent bowel movements.

But when these symptoms persist or begin to affect your everyday life, it becomes time to seek the professional help of a medical doctor. Chronic fatigue is occurring at an alarmingly increasing rate, and there is a multitude of possible reasons behind it.

Surprising Health Problems Affecting Over 80% of Women

Stress, depression, anxiety, and anemia are all answers that most physicians look to first to explain the discomfort and exhaustion of their female patients but more often than not, this is not the cause of the problem.

If you are experience increased fatigue, along with abdominal pain, gas or bloating, stomach tenderness and nausea or vomiting, chances are you have a parasitic intestinal worm.

In her book “The 21-day Belly Fix” author integrative physician Taz Bhatia, M.D. asserts that “Parasitic worm infections are misdiagnosed about 60 percent of the time”. First of all, most doctors do not think to test for them.

Secondly, they will not be detected by standard blood tests. And finally, many stool sample tests are not perfect and do not give accurate results.

Surprising Health Problems Affecting Over 80% of Women (2)

Surprising Health Problems Affecting Over 80% of Women

Although it may sound frightening, ingesting a parasitic worm is easier and more common than most people think. It usually occurs by eating under or uncooked food such as sushi and sashimi or by drinking contaminated water.

Once these parasites are in your body, they begin to inhibit your nutrient absorption which will result in the common symptoms of fatigue, diarrhea, and overall stomach discomfort.

Frequent travel and chronic stress will raise your risk infection, according to Dr. Bhatia because under these are the times that your immune system is lowered and it is harder for your body to fight off the attack.

Surprising Health Problems Affecting Over 80% of Women (1)

Surprising Health Problems Affecting Over 80% of Women

Even though stool samples may miss the infection, they are still considered by most health experts as the best way to diagnosis the problem. However, there are simple measures to take immediately to relieve your symptoms and get rid of any possible parasites.

First, you can use an over the counter colon cleanse that uses natural ingredients to kill the parasites while at the same time increasing beneficial gut bacteria. At this point, you should also eat only thoroughly cooked meats and vegetables, and locally sourced is better than imported foods.

Also, try taking a multi-strain probiotic supplement pill for at least thirty days to help restore the correct balance of good bugs in your intestines. There are supplements available without a prescription that are designed to assist in killing off the parasites and adding garlic to your daily diet either in your food or by pill has also been shown to be effective in killing off the parasites.

Whatever regime you and your doctor choose to eradicate these parasites from your body, just be sure to complete all the steps not only once, but twice.

This is critically important as the parasites may lay eggs in your intestines so just killing off the matured ones is not enough. The second round will ensure that none of their offspring will be able to thrive in your adequately cleansed and protected gut.

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