What hair color looks best on me?

What hair color looks best on me? Totes Newsworthy explains the best choices of hair color that makes you look great and feel more confident.

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Do you ever see a hair color on somebody on the street, they own it, and you wonder how it would look on you? If you wear a hairstyle/color with confidence, you will look great no matter what but there are some colors that suit different people better.

What hair color looks best on Me?

Eye color and skin tone are the most significant driving factors that will answer the question of what hair color looks good on me.

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In this TotesNewsworthy article, we will be exploring the question, what hair color looks best on me? So let’s delve right in.

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Your eye color

When deciding what color to dye your hair, considering your eye color is essential. If you have blue eyes, you should be trying to make them pop, and the color of your hair can make this happen. You should either go for really cool toned hair (like a blonde) or warm toned (like a wine/burgundy color). Avoid auburn hair if you can, this can wash you out and won’t make your eyes stand out in the slightest. If you have brown eyes, an ashy blonde could be a fantastic look, but you have a few options to choose.

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Adding to your current hair, including some copper or golden brown is also a perfect look. The color you go for does also depend somewhat on your skin tone, but with brown eyes, you generally have a lot more options and could even go for a crazy hair color if that is more your style.

If you have green eyes, you should stand out purely based on that fact, but if you want to color your hair to make your eyes pop, even more, you can do that. Chocolate brown (or even black if you are feeling brave) could be a perfect choice for you.

Also worth considering is butterscotch, amber, and even platinum blonde. No matter what color you choose, It’s best to visit a hairdresser rather than do it yourself if you want to get the look perfect.

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Your skin tone

Your overall skin tone also plays a vital role in what color you should dye your hair. With that being said, you should consider your skin tone in addition to your eye color when deciding what to go for.

Some people have cool skin tones, whereas some people have warm skin tones. Depending on what you are, specific hair colors will make you look fabulous while others will wash you out.

Don’t know anything about skin tone or what yours is? Here is an excellent tip for figuring it out. Go into the sun and hold your arms out in front of you, with your palms facing up. If your veins are blue or purple, then you have a cool skin tone.

Whereas if they are green, you are warm-toned. If your veins are somewhere in the middle, you might have a more neutral skin tone which gives you even more options in terms of hair color.

If you are warm-toned with pale skin, the golden blonde could be a great shade for you due to the yellow undertones. Chocolate brown is also the right choice if you prefer more of a darker vibe but don’t be afraid to experiment with highlights either.

If you are cold-toned, you could take the plunge and go for a platinum color. An extra nudge to go for this eye-catching color is if you have blue eyes because this is a killer combination.

Want to put yourself out there? Mermaid green looks terrific with cool-toned blue-eyed people. Also, keep in mind that purple hair looks incredible on warm-toned people of all different hair types.

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Totes Newsworthy Conclusion

Whether you are playing it safe or you want to go for more unique color, it’s entirely up to you. Hopefully, this has answered the question of what hair color looks best on me? If you are still nervous about changing your hair color despite this advice, maybe you should go for a semi-permanent dye at first.

That way, if it doesn’t look the way you expected, it’s not a big deal because it will wash out in a few washes. Whatever look you go for, wear it with confidence, and you’re sure to look amazing!

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