Vincent Van Gogh lost paintings

Vincent Van Gogh Lost Paintings Got Found!

The Vincent Van Gogh lost paintings have been recovered in decent shape, and no longer have their frames. The two paintings located are the “Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen,” and “Seascape at Scheveningen.” The earliest of these paintings was created in 1882.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most highly recognized painters of the 19th century, almost anyone in the world has seen some version of “Starry Night” whether on stationary, cards, or calendars. In the exciting news in the art world, paintings that were previously stolen 14 years ago from Amsterdam are recovered in a house in Italy. These paintings found inside the lodging of a crime family that has mafia ties.

“Seascape at Scheveningen’ is the eldest of the two paintings, and has granules of sand where Van Gogh was painting this masterpiece at the seaside. The other scene shows a church where Van Gogh’s father was a preacher. It is an exciting time in eth art world when masterpieces like this are relocated and found to be in excellent condition.

The two pieces were presented to the world through a press conference in Naples, Italy, close to the mafia house in which the paintings located. A museum director was contacted to authenticate these paintings, and they have been found to be legitimate. These paintings will soon be shipped back to their proper destination as soon as the police conclude their investigation. However, the Camorra crime family is expected to be behind this crime, and it was their house in which the paintings were found. This criminal investigation could span several years, but at least the paintings are safe at hand.

Those that knew about the Vincent Van Gogh long lost paintings never expected their recovery. Once someone steals masterpieces, they are then sold to private collectors. The location of these pieces is due to the Camorra crime family was looking to subsidize their wealth through new enterprises. However, this is a good day for authorities as Van Gogh’s lost paintings are now safe, getting repaired, and will be on their way to their homes shortly.

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