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Top Goal Setting Techniques

Top goal setting techniques. With a new year upon us, many people vow to be better than the year before. I think making your aims for “goals” rather than resolutions is essential. Goals help us grow and achieve the things we want to accomplish in life.

Top Goal Setting Techniques

Having goal setting techniques in place makes planning your goals fun, and it also increases the likelihood that you will actually stick to them rather than be back to your old ways by February.

Top 2019 Goal Setting Techniques (1)

Top goal setting techniques

Reflect on 2018

You might have goals in mind for 2019, but before you start setting them in stone, it’s time to look back on 2018. How did it go for you? Did you reach your goals? Perhaps you were too ambitious with your 2018 resolutions, or maybe you were not ambitious enough.

Did you almost reach a goal in 2018 but not entirely Perhaps this is a goal you can carry into 2019 and finally get there. Whatever you discover when you look back, taking the time to reflect on the year that has past is essential before you can move forward freely.

Choosing your goals

Keep in mind that your goals for the year should be achievable. I mean, we’d all love to become a millionaire before 2019 is over, but that is almost definitely not going to happen unless you get fortunate on the lottery. Your goals should be specific, i.e., if you want to lose weight, set yourself a target number of pounds. If you’re going to learn a new skill, what skill in particular appeals to you?

Finally, you need a way that you can measure your goal. For weight loss and fitness, that would be weighing yourself/taking measurements every week. For financial goals, this could be checking your bank account regularly to see how much money you have saved. It is a good idea to have both business and personal goals so that you can maximize fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Top 2019 Goal Setting Techniques (5)

Top Goal Setting Techniques

Write your goals down

Yes, we are going old school with this one – pen and paper style! When you write down your goals, you and physically holding yourself accountable and they are also more likely to stay in your memory. It is a good idea to write your main goal at the top, followed by 3-5 steps on how you need to achieve that goal. Any big thing is much more achievable when you focus on baby steps rather than getting there right away. The feeling of pride you will get when you can tick off each step is immense.

Be reminded of your goals everyday Writing your goals and objectives in a pretty notebook is great but you need to be reminded of them every single day if you want to make positive steps towards them throughout the year. Seeing your goals every day also gives you the motivation you need to get there. There are several goal setting techniques that you can use to remind yourself (and possibly others) of your goals every day and some ideas can be found below.

Top 2019 Goal Setting Techniques (2)

Top Goal Setting Techniques

– Start a blog documenting your journey to your goal. This is surprisingly fun to do, and once you get more and more people reading your blog, you will not want to let them down. – Make a vision board and stick it up on your wall. A vision board could contain magazine clippings of basically anything that inspires you or signifies your goals.

– Write a “to do” list, every single day. When you wake up in the morning, a quick list of what you need to get done will enhance your productivity. Productivity equals success.

– When you take a step towards your goal, reward yourself with a little something. This could be something as simple as a new item of clothing or your favorite meal.

Conclusion Setting goals might seem like a goal in itself, but if you use some of the 2019 goal setting techniques that have been mentioned, you should find it much more comfortable. It’s one thing to have them in your head but to have them written down somewhere, you are much more accountable and reminded of them on a regular basis. If everything doesn’t go to plan, don’t stress too much because life happens and there’s always next year!

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