Best Tips for How To Maintain a Semi Truck

How to maintain a semi truck? Our weather is a continually changing entity that forces uncommon wear and tear on trucks across the country. It cannot be easy staying on a regular maintenance schedule. But not following maintenance schedules can lead to several problems that your business or company may not be prepared to face, including premature part failure, machinery degradation, and even engine failure. You can prevent many everyday wear and tear issues with some tips for maintaining a semi truck and keeping your truck on the road year-round.

Top Tips for How To Maintain a Semi Truck

Change Your Oil Regularly

Most drivers are well aware of the need for oil changes, but it’s still surprising how many drivers let this task go unattended until they suffer a severe problem. Most truckers realize the value of regular oil changes, but it is still one of the best ways to maintain a semi-truck. Changing a vehicle’s oil is so commonplace that many drivers forget to do it or simply put it off indefinitely. Because heavy-duty trucks use a high volume of oil, it’s even more essential to check your oil during every pre-trip inspection.

Inspect Your Radiator

Temperature control is one of the things that keeps semi-trucks running strong for years. You should check your radiator before every route. You should always be on the lookout for small leaks and top off any fluids that look low. If there are any small leaks, it is imperative to get those repaired. Replacing a few leaky lines is far less costly than replacing the whole engine.

Best Tips for How To Maintain a Semi Truck

How to maintain a semi truck

Inspect Your Brakes

It’s somewhat apparent that inspecting your brakes regularly is a great maintenance tip. Checking to see that your brakes are in good working condition is essential. Anytime you hear odd sounds, squealing noises, or feel vibrations, it’s best to consult your mechanic. Doing self-checkups is fine if you’re well-versed in the brakes of heavy machinery, but if you’re not, you should enlist the help of a professional. Additionally, think about how many tons you’ll be hauling on your next run before deeming the brakes satisfactory.

Check the Tires

Insufficient tire tread is one of the most common semi-truck maintenance safety violations for vehicles currently on the road. Tire tread should not be below 4/32 of an inch. A tire tread of 3/32 of an inch will receive a citation, and 2/32 inches warrants a citation and mandatory maintenance. Tires with an insufficient tread increase the likelihood of a vehicle losing control from a tire blowout, which increases the risk for a severe truck accident.

Check Your Fuel Vent

When you finally make it back home for some relaxation, your rig should do the same. When trucks sit in one place for a while, you never know what can find its way into the machinery. Wasp nests, for example, have been found in fuel vents. Not only will having a blockage in your fuel vent cause inaccurate fuel readings, but it will negatively affect your fuel consumption.

We hope this quick list of tips for how to maintain a semi-truck has informed you about some quick maintenance tips that will help keep your truck on the road and violation-free.

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