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How to Teach Children to Conserve Water

How to teach children to conserve water is one of the simplest ways to help them understand they can contribute to helping the environment on a personal level. Lake Mead is at an all-time low, and many locations on the West Coast of the United States are suffering from water shortages. With droughts becoming increasingly frequent, millions of people are now being forced by local and state governments to find new ways to conserve this life-giving resource.

The Importance of Wastewater Treatment

Adults may be aware of the conservation efforts taken at home and the office, but they need to teach their children that they also need to assist in this effort. Unfortunately, if the sharing of information with the youngest family members is overlooked, it can harm the household and the community.

How to Teach Children to Conserve Water

Marques Larabie is an environmental and geotechnical drilling industry professional that is considered an expert as he has worked with water resources for more than 20 years. Using his vast experience and knowledge, he created a list of the top ways children can conserve water. The following advice includes some of the easiest ways adults can teach children to conserve water.

First, when playing the pool, limit splashing. Adults should explain to children how water is essential to all living things. Then the idea of keeping the water in the pool to not waste it and save it for other living organisms will make more sense to them. Also, children without a pool can be sent to cool off outdoors when the sprinkler is already in use for lawns or other outdoor plants.

best ways to teach kids to save water

How to Teach Children to Conserve Water

Another simple way to teach children to conserve water is to instruct them to reuse one designated glass or reusable water bottle for drinking water each day. By cutting down on the number of glasses used, less water will be lost if there is no need to wash multiple items at the end of the day. When giving fresh water to their pets, adults should teach children to pour the old water on trees or shrubs instead of down the drain, and if it is their job to wash the pets, instruct children to do it outdoors where the lawn needs water.

How to teach children to conserve water? When washing hands, faces, or brushing their teeth, children should make a habit of shutting off the faucet until they need it. For example, they can turn the water on to get their hands or toothbrush first but then turn the water off when lathering their hands or brushing their teeth. Quickly turning the faucet on and off again at only the beginning and end of these processes will save hundreds of gallons of water every year. Also, when people shorten their showers by even a minute or two, they can help their families conserve even more water.

Easy ways to teach kids to save water

How to Teach Children to Conserve Water

Washing dishes by hand is another opportunity for adults to teach children to conserve water. Simply instruct them to fill one basin with wash water, another with rinse water, and turn the faucet off. Obviously, this way of doing the dishes saves all the water potentially wasted if the tap was left constantly running. These are just a few examples everyone can use to teach children how to conserve water in their daily lives to help their environment personally.

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