Healthy Ways to Sleep Better, Beat Fatigue and Stay Calm

Healthy ways to sleep better. Researchers at the University of Southern Florida College of Nursing found that nearly 60 percent of all women complained that their number one health concern was fatigue. The numbers changed slightly depending on age and season, show that women in their 50s and 60s were more prone to be affected by the fall and winter seasons when the days are shorter. While it is impossible to find just one fix for everyone, the following are suggestions that can help bring some energy back to most everyone.

Healthy Ways to Sleep Better

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Energy often starts by how we sleep, what we eat and how much movement we get throughout the day. So the best way to prepare for an energetic day is to make sure you get good night’s sleep. Most expects recommended unplugging from electrical devices at least thirty minutes before bedtime, including the tv, and if you must have some noise, opt for the white noise that replicates nature of a sound machine such as rainfall or ocean waves.

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Healthy Ways to Sleep Better

Another way to bring on sleep according to a reflexologist is by pushing steadily on the two major relaxation points that are on the inside of your ankle just below the little bone that sticks out. This process should only take several minutes, and the pressure should be intense enough to release tension but not so strong that it causes any pain. Focused breathing can also assist in relaxing both the body and mind to prepare for a restful night’s sleep. The most people breathe 12 to 20 times per minute, so your goal should be to slow down that to half.

Healthy ways to sleep better. According to an assistant professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College, Patricia Gerberg, slowing your breathing down can give you a calming effect at any time of the day. Simply take three to five minutes and concentrate on deepening your breathing. Try to breathe in for at least five or six seconds and then spend the same amount of time exhaling. Doing this technique throughout the day can help you lessen stress right when it occurs and also leave you with much less tension at the end of the day.

Healthy Ways to Sleep Better

The other primary way to stay energized throughout the day is to eat well and often. To keep your metabolism working for you, choose smaller meals but have them more frequently. Something that combines protein with fiber and little healthy fat is optimal. Think of a smoothie with berries, organic greens, and some almond milk, or a cup of plain yogurt with half a cup of any fresh fruit you choose. For your more substantial meals, opt for small lean portions of protein and larger portions of vegetables either roasted or in salad form, just be careful of all the additives that can be in the dressing.

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Healthy Ways to Sleep Better

So eat well, sleep well and breathe your way through the day and hopefully, you find that you have become much calmer. Once you have gotten into the pattern of having four to six smaller meals a day and you are sleeping eight hours a day, you should also find a bonus in a significant increase in energy.

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