Rest Days: The Tips and Tricks for Active Recovery

Tips and tricks for active recovery. Exercise and diet are important facets of a healthy lifestyle. However, overdoing it can lead to burnout and injury. That’s why every gym-goer needs a rest day in their training week. Read this guide on rest days and the tips and tricks for active recovery to get started.

Rest Days: The Tips and Tricks for Active Recovery

Take Two Rest Days a Week

Many fitness enthusiasts believe their bodies are indestructible, but the truth of the matter is, they’re not. In fact, too much exercise is just as damaging to the body as too little. You may feel that your body hurts, that you’re sicker, or that you’ve plateaued in your workouts. These are all signs your body needs a rest day. With any sort of exercise, your body withstands a lot of physical and mental stress. Two rest days per week is the perfect number to promote longevity and keep your body in tip-top shape.

Actually Rest

Use this time to actually rest. Rest days are not the time to go on a long hike or an intense white water rafting trip. Not that you should forgo these activities, but count them as active days and use them to replace your gym sessions. Rest days are meant as destress days. They’re the time to read, sleep, watch TV, play videogames, and so on. If you feel you must do something active, a light walk or bike ride will help.

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Best Tips and Tricks for Active Recovery

Don’t Forget To Eat

Some of the best opportunities for eating the food you want are on rest days. Training days are regimented. If you’re serious about your diet and workouts, you already know the annoyances of eating the same foods day in and day out. Although diet is an important aspect of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, consider your rest day as your cheat day. Life’s too short to spend obsessing over strict rules. Also, your body probably needs it. If you’re stuck in a caloric deficit, your mind and body need the extra protein, fats, and carbs from takeout or another cheat meal to fuel you for the upcoming workouts.

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Plan Out the Rest of the Week

The final part of this guide on rest days and the tips and tricks for active recovery is to use rest days as opportunities to plan out the rest of the week. Many people use their rest days as meal prep days. They’ll cook all their meals for the upcoming week so that they stick to their diet. Of course, your rest days are your time to rest, but take an hour or two out of the day to consider your upcoming workouts for the week. Think about any challenges or goals you want to overcome or accomplish, such as reaching new personal records or pushing past mental barriers.

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