The Best National Charities To Donate To Now

The best national charities to donate to now. The modern news cycle feels lightning quick. One terrible event occurs, it captures the nation’s attention for a moment, and then another terrible event takes its place in a week, forcing the first out of mind. It’s disorienting.

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic defied this news cycle pattern due to its chronic newsworthiness. Now, even worse than before, there are several major news events occurring at once. Fires rage in California and Oregon, hurricanes drive up the Gulf coast, unemployment skyrockets, and racial justice issues come to the forefront, all while the pandemic persists. Though the news cycle is worth deeper discussion at another time, it’s vital that people know they can do something to fight back against all this negativity. One far-reaching option is to donate to a charity.

Dig into this list to discover four of the best national charities to donate to now.


The first charity is one that has broad storefront visibility across the country—Goodwill. You may know it as a thrift store where you can get cheap clothes, furniture, décor, and more, but Goodwill represents an entirely new life for the individual they help. The organization’s goal is to help those without a job gain employment and build skills that promote future vocational growth and stability. They accomplish this by hiring people onto their own payroll and offering job skills training programs that widen participants’ options. Given its ubiquity all over the states, you can rest easy knowing your support allows one great path to fighting poverty in your own community.

As the country struggles through an unemployment crisis, an organization like Goodwill is an integral cog for the recovery process. Consider supporting this charity by shopping at your local Goodwill, donating your possessions or funds, or advocating on their behalf.

The Best National Charities To Donate To Now

The Best National Charities To Donate To Now

American Red Cross

Another national charity to donate to now is the American Red Cross. Concerned primarily with disaster relief, the American Red Cross is now helping the West Coast recover from wildfires and is working along the Gulf Coast as more tropical storms than normal come ashore in 2020. Not only that, but they continue to mobilize to gather blood, particularly convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients, to give people fighting the virus a better chance at recovery. These two jobs—natural disaster relief and pandemic aid—are major responsibilities, and your donation can enable them to reach more people. If you’re unable to give a financial donation, consider donating your blood instead.

The Salvation Army

Founded in 1865, the Salvation Army has a storied history of service. Today, they have many ministries geared toward causes dealing with everything from domestic violence and trafficking prevention to food pantry and poverty aid. With expertise in so many areas, this is the type of nonprofit equipped to tackle many of the confusing issues our country is facing all at once.

The Best National Charities To Donate To Now

Equal Justice Initiative

When it comes to the fight for racial equality, Equal Justice Initiative is one of the most driven and effective groups. It homes in on the problem of unjust convictions, sentencing, and the death penalty, as well as the difficulty that incarcerated people experience upon re-entry. To provide relief, this organization employs defense attorneys who strive to fairly represent their accused clients and fight back against anti-Black practices and procedures. In addition, the organization publishes research and advises governing bodies on judicial race-based discrimination. If you’re passionate about enacting change in this country, consider supporting their fight against discrimination.

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