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Target Backlash And Boycott Going Beast Mode

Target backlash and boycott going beast mode after customer videos go viral. People want to know what is behind the new Target boycott and how the company is responding. So here is an outline to explain the current uproar concerning the major retailer.

But first, let’s get into the actual history of Pride Month in the United States. President Bill Clinton declared in June 1999 that “the anniversary of Stonewall every June in America as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” In 2011, then-President Obama decided to expand the already officially recognized Pride Month so it would include the whole LGBT community.

Target Backlash And Boycott Going Beast Mode

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LGBTQ+ History And Statistics

Since 2011, the LGBT community has grown and expanded into the LGBTQ+, encompassing gender-fluid, nonbinary, and many other groups besides gays and lesbians. In fact, many leaders of the gay and lesbian community are voicing concerns that “fringe” minority groups within their community are taking over.

Recently released demographic studies show that only about 0.7% of adults in the U.S. identify as transgender. However, that number is likely on the rise as the same survey stated that the young adult category, or those between the ages of 13 to 17, had risen to 1.4%. The Gallup poll of 2022 revealed that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people make up approximately 7.2% of the overall populace of the U.S.

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Target Backlash And Pride Month Merchandise

June marks the beginning of Pride Month LGBTQ+ community, and for about a decade, Target began selling Pride merchandise in early May. This gave shoppers about a month to shop before the month-long celebration officially began. According to those who track inventories, the retailer has steadily expanded its LGBTQ+ displays over the last several years to mark Pride Month.

So what happened this year that resulted in the Target backlash and boycott going beast mode? The simple answer is that Target’s LGBTQ+ merchandise expanded into the children and infants departments. As Target was once considered a family-oriented store, many once loyal customers are now fully boycotting the retailer.

How Did Target Backlash And Boycott Start

The Target backlash and boycott going beast mode can easily be pinpointed to social media. Several customer videos posted on social media sites such as Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram have gone viral in the past week.

These videos from inside stores reveal that Target has multiple items in its children’s and infant departments with bold LGBTQ+ themes. These items include clothing, such as infant onesies, slogan T-shirts, children’s books, and female bathing suits with tags that promote “extra crotch coverage”.

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Target Backlash And Boycott Going Beast Mode

Right-wing conservatives and radical Christians have called for a boycott of Target over these items. They are accusing the store of grooming young children through Pride displays. Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated, “Target should leave our kids the hell alone!” @Ted Cruz. And that is a sentiment that is presentative of millions of people.

Michael Franzese’s response to one of the viral videos proves very accurate. He wrote, “Peaceful, effective boycotts of BudLight and now Target prove that you don’t have to assault people, burn down buildings, or throw rocks at cops to make your disapproval of unacceptable policies known. Push back with integrity & stand up to the offenders.”

Target Responds to Backlash And Boycott Going Beast Mode

After receiving intense backlash from conservative customers, Target has announced it will remove some items from its in-store Pride collection with LGBTQ+ themes. However, they are not apologizing but instead almost blaming their demographic for their policy change.

Target has announced that it will move Pride merchandise to the back of the store following confrontations between employees and shoppers, which sometimes turned violent. However, no proof of the violent attacks has come to light, and many believe the company is simply trying to avoid a Bud Light-like boycott that resulted in the loss of enormous amounts of money and market share.

As part of its statement two days ago, a Target spokesperson said that threats had affected the safety and well-being of its team members. Due to these volatile circumstances, they would adjust current plans, including removing items at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.

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What Items Are Being Removed At Target?

With its Pride Collection, Target offers clothing, books, music, and home furnishings. The items include “gender fluid” mugs, “queer all year” calendars, and books titled “Bye Bye, Binary,” “Pride 1,2,3” and “I’m not a Girl” for children aged 2-8.

Despite not specifying which Pride merchandise it would remove from its stores in its statement, “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits and items made in collaboration with London-based company Abprallen have received the most online criticism.

A reasonable person would believe that Target would be removing the items that most of their shoppers deem offensive, including the LGBTQ+ merchandise in the children and infants departments. However, most experts agree that the Target backlash and boycott going beast mode is an online phenomen that is not likely to end any time soon.

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