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Why Millennials are Killing the Old Steak Houses (1)

Why Millennials are Killing the Old Steak Houses

If you belong to the boomer generation, you know just how famous steak houses were. It was common to see them bustling with faithful patrons coming to enjoy a nicely prepared steak. However, this is no longer the situation in the contemporary world. Thanks to modern living, steak houses are losing business because of a sheer drop in clients coming through their doors.

There has been a significant paradigm shift in consumerism that has been influenced by this crucial and growing demographic. Unfortunately, casual dining is just of the many culprits. This article looks at factors that try to explain why millennials are killing the old steak houses.

There has been a significant shift in societal dining. This has mainly been influenced by factors such as personal fitness and social media which have spearheaded a renaissance of home-cooked meals. People are choosing to cook their meals at home because they want to be sure what they are eating is healthy and share the fact that they have made these healthy meals on social media.

It is no wonder meal-kit delivery services such as Hello Fresh, and Blue Apron are on the rise. This new trend by millennials to prepare homemade meals and the expediency of having their groceries delivered right at their houses has dealt a significant blow to the traditional steak houses.

Why Millennials are Killing the Old Steak Houses (2)

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