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Metallica Concert on AXS TV Was Beyond Awesome (4)

Metallica Concert on AXS TV Was Beyond Awesome

AXS TV has, without doubt, the best programming for on cable TV for music lovers. Their documentaries and full-length concerts are a treasure trove for music enthusiasts of all ages. But even knowing that we record a lot of their programming to watch at our convenience, this past month’s line-up has far exceeded even our elevated expectations. Before I go any further, I should admit, although I am fifty and lived through the heights of their popularity I was never a huge Metallica fan. Not, that is, until I watched the Francais Pour Une Nuit show with my husband last weekend.

Metallica Concert on AXS TV Was Beyond Awesome

Francais Pour Une Nuit was filmed in an ancient Roman amphitheater in the city of Nimes in the Occitania region of southern France.

So the show starts out with the four band members entering a classic Roman Coliseum through the Gladiator tunnel. From the very start, you can sense the energy level of the band, and the crowd is at a fever pitch. The show was taped in July of 2009 in Nimes, France, and the scenery of the Coliseum adds to the overall atmosphere. This show was part of Metallica’s World Magnetic Tour, and once again, there was nothing to not love about this concert.

Metallica Concert on AXS TV Was Beyond Awesome (3)

As is our habit, my husband and I had a bottle of wine and brought a cheese plate to the living room and turned on the Bose surround sound speakers. The sensory experience of watching this concert is almost impossible to explain. We were both blown away by the fantastic production because the quality of both filming and sound were extraordinary. AXS TV has now become a regular part of our spending quality time together. It no longer makes sense for us to pay probably forty bucks to go out and sit in a dark movie theater with a bunch of quiet strangers when you can stay comfortable in your own home and be entertained like this.

Metallica Concert on AXS TV Was Beyond Awesome (2)

Metallica’s concert was better than either of us imagined it would be. The surreal stage, the music, the energy, the pyrotechnics all combined to make me almost wish I had been at the show, but it is hard to beat the comfort of seeing it while drinking wine in my double recliner. The set of music they played was epic and included a lot of their classic hits such as “Enter Sandman” and “Fade to Black.” The energy of both the band and the crowd was infectious all the way through the two-hour show. So AXS TV, thank you once again for your choice of programming and helping to create more date nights in my marriage. Now I am looking forward Lynard Skynard and the Allman Brothers Band. We are already looking forward to Friday for a double date night with the two classic Southern Rock bands.

For more information please visit Metallica official Facebook page.

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