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The Truth About Dark Web Secrets

The real truth about everything you need to know about the Dark Web

The dark web is the second layer of the internet. The hidden layer. The anonymous layer. The part of the internet where criminal activity, crime, and corruption runs rampant. The home of the real black market.

What makes the dark web so different than the normal one?

I’m going to assume you somewhat understand how the internet works at a basic level if you’re reading this post. You use a search engine, like Google, to find websites. These websites are registered with some companies. The website has an owner and is categorized by whatever search engine you use to make it as easy as possible to find. There is a lot of accountability and rules for this side of the web.

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The Dark Web is the exact opposite

The dark web consists of a lot more than the regular network. There are no governing bodies; websites are not likely connected to anyone or anything. They’re not even likely to have a proper name, more like a string of random alpha-numerics — the reason being that the dark web doesn’t use search engines for their websites. You can’t just google “I want to buy an illegal gun” and get taken to the “” on this side of the web. The only ways of finding a specific website are either being told the address by someone you know or using a wiki of popular sites. That’s the real secret of the dark web. The wikis aren’t exactly common, but you can find them if you do some digging.

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