How to Cure a Burnt Tongue Best Life Hacks

How to cure a burnt tongue can be painful. Chugging a steaming cup of coffee or a bite of that sizzling hot pizza is a surefire way to get a sore, burnt tongue. What about when that hot soup goes down hotter than expected? These are times when a burnt tongue hack will come in handy.

While minor tongue burns won’t require any treatment, they do hurt. Generally, the sensation will go away within two weeks. This pain leaves us with no other option but to look for healing remedies feverishly. Here are ways how to cure a burnt tongue because how to cure a burnt tongue best life hacks should be at the top of everyone’s list.

How to Cure a Burnt Tongue Best Life Hacks

The best life hacks are ones that we can all use at one point or another. Everyone should know how to cure a burnt tongue life hacks because a burnt tongue is something we have all experienced.

Sip Cold Water

When your tongue gets burnt, your mouth feels tender. You ought to look for refrigerated foods that are easy to eat and can soothe the stinging sensation. A glass of water could remove the food debris that could still hurt your tongue. That is why a glass of water is usually the first burnt tongue hack people try.

Sip Cold Water

Cold water will help reduce the temperature in your mouth and keep your mouth hydrated. You can use some ice on the tongue and ensure you use enough to cover the wounded area. But this method has a caveat – you should never lick the ice.

The first thing you can do is to chew ice chips. And the quicker you take this essential step, the faster you reduce the heat penetrating the tissue. That is why ice chips are at the top of the how to cure a burnt tongue life hacks list. Sipping cold water and using ice chips is usually the fastest way to cool down your tongue, but there are other burnt tongue hacks.

Eat Soft Foods

Also, reach out for foods that are soft and a little on the sugary side, like a fruit cup. Softer, sugary foods are part of the burnt tongue sugar hack. Try some applesauce or a little jelly on a piece of bread. This burnt tongue sugar hack should work almost as quickly as cold water.

Avoid Irritants

Consuming spicy foods and alcohol can further irritate the tongue. While they won’t affect the healing, they can delay the process. Although alcohol may lessen the initial pain, strong alcoholic drinks can irritate the throat and stomach.

Consume Milk Products

Milk has a coating action, so it’s an excellent burnt tongue hack. You should dip your tongue in milk and allow it to work magic for a few minutes. Keep repeating this procedure until there’s no more pain.

Yogurt is a kind of probiotic that exhibits antibacterial properties. Apart from relieving a burn wound, it will help to avoid infection. Yogurt also has a decent amount of sugar so you can add it to the list of burnt tongue sugar hacks.

fresh milk

How to Cure a Burnt Tongue Best Life Hacks

Apply Honey

Honey exhibits a soothing effect thanks to its pleasant taste. Just take a spoonful of honey, apply it to the tongue, and allow it to sit for a few minutes (don’t swallow). This product is scientifically proven to be a burn healer, but do not use it if you’re not allergic to honey.

Also, try not to consume too much honey overall. As a burnt tongue sugar hack, honey is an excellent option; however, its sugar content is very high, so use it sparingly.

how to treat a burned tongue

Rinse With Salty Water

Salt exhibits antiseptic properties and has a soothing effect. Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in cold water and swish it around your mouth. It would be best to use the salt solution before bedtime and after meals for best results.

It’s also the best remedy to prevent bacteria buildup in the mouth. Avoid alcohol-based rinses as they could irritate any mouth wounds.

Use Over-The-Counter Pain Meds

Pain relievers like Orajel and Anbesol have active ingredients that help to keep pain at bay. If the pain is too much, you can try numbing the problem area with gels to relieve toothaches and oral sores.

Squeeze Some Juice From An Aloe Plant

Aloe is a plant known for treating first and second-degree burns. You’ll feel some relief in the first application by squeezing the juice on the tongue. Aloe juice also reduces the time for healing and gives some comfort.

Lick Some Sugar or Chocolate

Granulated sugar helps to relieve the irritating pain on the tongue. Traditionally, it was used to treat wounds that are difficult to heal. Place some sugar directly on the tongue and press on the roof to use this burnt tongue sugar hack.

You can also use other products that contain sugar, like chocolate bars or other candy. Try a Popsicle or an ice cream bar for a burnt tongue sugar hack that will also quickly cool down the temperature in your mouth.

Dark chocolate

Final Burnt Tongue Hack – Good Oral Hygiene

Minor burns can clear within a few days if you maintain good oral hygiene. However, f you have an open wound, like a blister that broke open, be careful not to make it worse.

You may want to follow the last burnt tongue hack daily to ensure your tongue always feels its best. If any of these burnt tongue hacks don’t work and it still hurts after one week, you should visit your doctor. And next time, allow that hot bite of a pizza to cool down first, or go easy on the hot peppers.

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