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Are Foods With Artificial colorings Harmful?

Are foods with artificial colorings harmful, this is a question that is often asked here is a basic explanation

The list of foods containing artificial colors is seemingly endless. From cereals to soft drinks, cakes to condiments, and everything in between, very nearly everything we find in today’s grocery stores has artificial colors. These products, used mainly to enhance the appearance of many foods, hold no nutritional value, but that is not the only reason to avoid them.

According to a well established medical journal, Americans eat as much as five times more food dye as we did just sixty years ago. Initially, many food dyes were made from natural products such as beets, blueberries, and other fresh produce with vibrant colors. But with consumers demanding more and more colorful products, manufacturers have increasingly turned to human-made synthetic food dyes as a much more cost-effective measure.

Are foods with artificial colorings harmful?

The problem is that new scientific studies are revealing alarming side effects with more and more evidence pointing to serious health consequences. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has taken an active role in demanding the Food and Drug Administration ban, if not all synthetic food dyes, at least the several most popular proven to have significant potential for increased health problems not only in adults but also children.

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