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How To Choose The Best Fireplace For Your Home

How to choose the best fireplace for your home? When choosing a fireplace, think about how you plan to use it. Are you planning on using the fireplace to produce heat or do you just like the idea of having a beautiful fire to look at? When talking to a salesperson about your new fireplace, make sure to mention how you plan on using it so they can help you find a model that is well suited to your needs.

How To Choose The Best Fireplace For Your Home

Keep in mind, fireplaces are usually only capable of heating the room in which they are located. If you try to use them to heat your whole house, you typically will wind up with uneven heating throughout your space, with some rooms too hot and some rooms too cold.

How To Choose The Ideal Fireplace For Your Home

How To Choose The Best Fireplace For Your Home

For the ultimate in efficiency, choose a fireplace that has a built-in thermostat. All you have to do is set the temperature to your preferred level and the fireplace will automatically work to maintain that temperature.

In terms of the appearance of the fireplace, spend some time evaluating the different trim choices that are available. After choosing a fireplace insert, work with the salesperson to find a trim style that matches your home’s decor.

Take a look at the fireplaces when they are turned off as well as when the flames are burning. Remember – your fireplace will be turned off much of the time. It is important to make sure that you like the way it looks when it is both lit and unlit.

Opt for a fireplace, like this from Soothing Company, that doesn’t use a fan to circulate the air. Typically, fans have a minimal impact on the fireplace ability to adequately heat the space. All that they really do is create a lot of noise. If you wind up choosing a model with a fan, make sure that it can be controlled independently so that you can turn it off if you don’t need it.

How To Choose The Best Fireplace For Your Home 3

How To Choose The Best Fireplace For Your Home

Choosing decorative logs for your fireplace is also important. Make sure that they are sized appropriately for your fireplace, avoiding logs that are too big or too small. Leaving plenty of room around the logs not only creates a more pleasing look but also helps prevent problems with overheating.

How to choose the ideal fireplace for your home? Pay attention to how the fireplace is operated. Some use wall switches while others have thermostats or remote controls. Oftentimes, fireplaces can also be turned on manually.

Electric fireplaces are a viable alternative to gas fireplaces. They come in many different styles and don’t need to be vented, making them easy to install.

How to choose the best fireplace for your home? Conclusion

Whatever style of fireplace you choose, make sure that it is installed by an HVAC professional who is properly licensed and adequately insured. Installing the fireplace correctly is essential when it comes to ensuring that it operates the way that it was designed to.

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