How to Make Your Home Look Rustic in the New Year

How to Make Your Home Look Rustic in the New Year

There are various reasons why your home design matters. From affecting your comfort level to showcasing your personal tastes, it plays a large role in how we live our lives. Ultimately, like with our fashion sense, we generally want to switch things up at the beginning of a new year—and this year, rustic is in. With its warm atmosphere and the personal yet natural touch it brings to your surroundings, this style is a trendy classic for a reason. So, if you’re interested in trying it in 2020, learn how to make your home look rustic and embrace the benefits.

Incorporate Natural Colors Into Your Aesthetic

Using deep hues of green and brown are wonderful ways to heighten a home’s rustic appeal. When used correctly among the décor, these colors can provide a link to nature and make the environment more serene and welcoming. As such, it’s common to have natural colors appear in various ways, such as on the furniture, on the walls, or even scattered among the home décor.

Get Crafty and Creative with Décor

Since—at the core—the rustic style is homey and personalized, it’s crucial that you inject your personality into your surroundings. While this might already take the form of pictures and other hobbies, you can create more rustic appeal by embracing your crafty side. Fortunately, there are many potential crafts for you to choose from. Some examples might be a display board repurposed from an old shutter or rope-wrapped picture frames.

Find a Balance of Antique and Modern

Remember—you don’t need to make your home look like an old-style farmhouse to have rustic design. In fact, homeowners that embrace this style see the most success when finding a balance between antique and modern aspects. At the end of the day, it’s most important that you love your new space’s design and it works for you. Even if this only involves using a few rustic décor items, it’s better to match your lifestyle and daily tasks.

Use Elements from Nature

If you want to incorporate more than just natural colors into your home, you can also try bringing actual parts of nature indoors. House plants are great for this as they can be placed wherever you need them, and they offer a refreshing burst of color to space. However, if you give this a try, ensure you’re giving each plant the proper level of care to keep them from wilting.

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