Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea 1

Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea has had the attention of the Chinese for centuries. To them, it was an elixir of immortal health. The drink is made by a fermentation process which leaves probiotics that have many benefits to people who seek better health.

For lovers of Kombucha, the secret to longevity lies in black tea and sugar

Kombucha is made of green or black tea, sugar, and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). There is a prevalent claim that a SCOBY is a Kombucha mushroom, but this is not the case; SCOBY is the culture of yeast used in making Kombucha. The yeast helps to speed up fermentation of tea and sugar to release probiotics.

Kombucha tea is fizzy due to carbonation during the fermentation process. In addition to the good bacteria, Kombucha contains vinegar, B-Vitamins, a high acid concentration, and enzymes. Bacteria in Kombucha tea are in a category called cellulose producing bacteria’, which are responsible for some of the benefits of the drink.

There are two types of Kombucha available; pasteurized and non-pasteurized. Some people prefer the latter but unless you’re only taking y for pleasure non-pasteurized Kombucha is the best choice. Pasteurization is a choice method of killing bacteria, but it isn’t selective. The process usually destroys good bacteria in Kombucha, making it nothing more than a refreshing Kombucha flavored drink. If you want to introduce good bacteria to your gut better, go for the non-pasteurized drink.

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