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Farmers Market Lies Exposed: Vendors Lying About Their Produce

Vendors Selling Leftover Produce From Wholesalers

The 2017 investigative report by CBC also found out that many of the resellers at farmers’ markets painted very detailed and elaborate stories behind the wholesale produce they picked out of a box rather than from their fields. Reiley discovered that not only did these vendors lie about growing their products but were buying and selling the rejected produce that grocery store giants didn’t want.

Additionally, Reiley uncovered some vendors also got some of their produce from gleaners who purchase fruit and vegetables that don’t get picked during the first harvest. The gleaners then sell this less-than-fresh produce to pinhookers (a term that actually stands for someone who works in banking or finance and purchases goods and commodities for a low price and quickly resells them for a fast profit) who turn around and sell it to customers at the farmers’ markets.

Semi-trailers and semi-trailers in the warehouse terminal

If you think that is bad, in 2010, CBS News published an article entitled Behind Supermarket Chains’ Desperate, Fake “Farmers’ Markets” that revealed Safeway (SWY) and Albertsons (SVU) “simulated” fake farmers’ markets right outside their stores. Melanie Warner wrote that this is merely a sign that major grocery brands are struggling to compete with local, organic farmers as the interest in locally grown crops rises.

But do not let the fact that Farmers Market Lies Exposed: Vendors lying about where their produce originates keep you from making healthy changes to your diet.

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