Classic Car Junk Yards in Georgia Old Car City USA

Check out this incredible place for a great adventure near the Classic Car Junk Yards in Georgia Old Car City, USA.

Old Car City has been storing salvaged and antique cars in White, Georgia, for years.

This is the largest car junkyard in the world and is home to old cars that have been abandoned and forgotten. It’s magnificent in a creepy way and houses some unique old vehicles.

Classic Car Junk Yards in Georgia Old Car City USA

Hundreds of cars lie in this makeshift auto graveyard in the heart of the southern United States. The location was originally a car dealership opening in 1933, but over time it became a place for families to gather together and bond while experiencing the local artistic culture.

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Thirty-four acres of car history are within the six miles’ worth of trails. There are over 4000 cars on the property, and this collection continues to grow each year. Many visitors enjoy walking the trails to experience a unique artistic display and learn something about the progression of cars through the years — some include heavy metal cars that are sturdy examples of before they were mass-manufactured and made with more plastic than metal.

The idea for the unique display came from owner Dean Lewis, who grew up on the property.

The property first opened as a general store during the Great Depression. During the following decades, it was passed through Dean’s family and became a tourist attraction as he realized others were interested in the “decomposing automotive carcasses.” He started to see that the cars and property could be a beautiful showcase of an unusual art form. As such, he decided to open it up for guests.

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Once Dean realized people were coming to his land without permission, he made things more official. He erected funny signs and posted a history and rules for everyone in the vicinity to abide by while they were at his property. The majority of vehicles are over 40 years old, and there are even some that are older than Dean himself.

Classic Car Junk Yards in Georgia Old Car City USA

So many people feel that This place is excellent, and families have a nice day. The scenery is gorgeous, and it is peaceful and serene. Go to see some old cars up close and personal. Kids will like the spot Old Car City USA.

You will have a blast out there. Great atmosphere and all of the old cars are interesting to look at and dream back of a time gone by. For avid old car lovers, you get to see a lot of cool cars.

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A great place to visit if you like old cars and appreciate the work that went into building them.”

Old Car City USA Classic Car Junk Yards

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Old Car City USA, where time stands still, and vintage automobiles take on new life in a captivating display of nostalgia. Nestled in the heart of White, Georgia, this hidden gem is not just your average junkyard – it’s a haven for classic car enthusiasts and history buffs alike. With its vast collection spanning over 34 acres, Old Car City USA proudly wears the crown as one of America’s best classic car junkyards. So buckle up and join us on an exhilarating journey through time as we explore this automotive wonderland!

Classic Car Junk Yards in Georgia Old Car City USA (1)

Best Classic Car Junk Yards

When it comes to classic car junkyards, a few stand out from the crowd. These hidden treasures offer a glimpse into the past, where rusty relics and forgotten gems await discovery.

One of these exceptional establishments is Old Car City USA. With its sprawling landscape packed with over 4,000 cars dating back to the early 1900s, it’s no wonder that car enthusiasts flock here from all corners of the globe. Each vehicle has a story of bygone eras and automotive craftsmanship.

But what sets Old Car City USA apart is its vast collection and how these vintage automobiles have been lovingly preserved. Nestled amongst nature’s embrace, with trees growing through windows and vibrant moss adorning hoods, this place exudes an ethereal beauty.

Best Classic Car Junk Yards

Another classic car junkyard worth mentioning is Desert Valley Auto Parts in Arizona. Known as “The Graveyard,” this expansive location features more than 10 acres filled with wrecks waiting for restoration or repurposing. From iconic muscle cars to timeless classics, you never know what buried treasure you might unearth at Desert Valley Auto Parts.

And let’s remember Turner’s Auto Wrecking in Fresno County, California. Founded in 1956, this family-owned business boasts an impressive inventory of vintage vehicles spanning several decades. Whether searching for parts or wanting to immerse yourself in automotive history, Turner’s is a must-visit destination for any classic car enthusiast.

These are just a few examples of the best classic car junkyards across America—where time seems to stand still, and every rusted relic holds untold stories within its weathered shell. So if you yearn for a journey through automotive history or seek inspiration for your restoration project, consider visiting these remarkable locations—you won’t be disappointed!

Classic Car Junk Yards in Georgia Old Car City USA (2)

Old Car City USA

Nestled in White, Georgia, lies a hidden gem for classic car enthusiasts – Old Car City USA. This sprawling 34-acre junkyard is home to over 4,000 vintage vehicles from decades past. As you wander through the rows of rusted relics, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of nostalgia and wonder at the stories these cars could tell.

Old Car City USA is a haven for those who appreciate automotive history and the beauty that can be found in decay. Each vehicle has its own unique story, whether it was once someone’s pride and joy or transported generations of families from one place to another. Walking among these forgotten treasures feels like stepping back in time.

The sheer size and variety of Old Car City USA vehicles are truly impressive. From iconic American muscle cars to quirky European imports, there is something here for every car enthusiast. And with new additions arriving regularly, each visit offers the opportunity to discover something new.

Best Classic Car Junk Yards in the USA

But Old Car City USA isn’t just about admiring old cars; it’s also an art installation in its own right. The colorful vegetation that has reclaimed much of the property adds an unexpected beauty amidst the decay. Photographers flock here for stunning shots that juxtapose nature with manufactured creations.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next restoration project or want to immerse yourself in automotive history, Old Car City USA is a must-visit destination. So grab your camera and prepare to step back in time as you explore this captivating classic car junkyard unlike any other!

If you want to take pictures to remember your visit to Old Car City, USA, it is $30. for 13 and older.

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