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Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Lotus Cars

Fun facts you did not know about Lotus cars.  Lotus is a well-known sports and racing automobile manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Founded by Colin Chapman, it has been a pioneer in the world of auto-racing for the past 80 years, always using the latest, most cutting-edge technology to design and create the most inventive sports and racing cars for both on and off the track. The Lotus firm has gone through various hands and mergers through the years, but how it has conceived of and constructed its automobiles has remained the same.

Lotus continues to develop some of the most expensive high-performance sports vehicles, even after all these years.

Here are some other fun facts you did not know about Lotus cars.

Lotus Uses Fewer Parts To Build Its Cars

Lotus has always believed that the lighter a car is, the faster it can go. Lotus has a tradition of using the fewest possible parts in its vehicles. Despite the vehicles’ low weight, their components are faultless and incredibly reliable. Lotus has mastered the method of lightweight architecture—and has been at the forefront of environmentally friendly car technology as a result of it. Therefore, many of Lotus’s vehicles end up lasting much longer and remaining in better condition when compared to other makes.

Lotus Created the Original Kit Car

Lotus’s major goal in the early days was to sell vehicles to private racers and trialists, selling its early road cars as “kit cars” to save customers money on purchase taxes. Kit automobiles were quite popular until the late 1960s and early 1970s, when they became obsolete. The Elan Plus Two, along with the Lotus Elite and Lotus Eclat, were the first Lotus road cars that were not sold as kit cars. They were produced in the 1970s and available as factory-built models.

The Company Has a New Owner

Proton, a Malaysian automaker, now owns Lotus, and it has stated that it plans to create and produce 5 entirely new cars through the next 5 years. However, despite the fact that Proton now owns the Lotus name, Proton continues to adhere to the Lotus basics and maintain the same production ideals and standards in terms of aspirations for a lightweight, high-performance, durable vehicle.

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Lotus Cars

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Lotus Cars

James Bond Has a Relationship With Lotus Cars

If you’re a fan of James Bond, you’re probably aware that he was known for driving some of the most incredible sports vehicles ever seen on the big screen. In fact, Roger Moore, who played 007 in the 1970s, was the first person to drive the Lotus Esprit S1, in 1976’s The Spy Who Loved Me, which made the automobile famous.

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Lotus Cars

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Lotus Cars


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