Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid

Rookie mistakes for classic car owners to avoid. Are you interested in purchasing your first classic car? Congratulations! Be sure to avoid these common rookie mistakes classic car owners make.

Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid

Not Getting a Professional, Neutral Inspection

Before entering serious negotiations about purchasing a classic car from a seller or dealer, you’ll want to have it thoroughly inspected by a neutral, trusted professional. Even if you think you know a thing or two about cars, there could always be hidden problems in a vehicle—especially an old model—that only a professional eye can see.

Without a proper inspection, you could be stuck with a classic car rife with problems you must pay to fix. A professional review will help you with negotiations and give you peace of mind about your investment.

Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid

Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid

Getting the Wrong Insurance

A classic car isn’t just a shiny toy you get to drive—it’s also an asset and investment that you should do everything to protect. The last thing a classic car owner wants is to get in an accident and be on the hook for all the expensive repairs and bills without insurance.

While browsing for auto insurance, ensure you get a policy catered to your vintage vehicle from a traditional auto insurer or a provider with specialty coverage. You don’t want your dream car to turn into a nightmare financial burden!

Underestimating Maintenance Costs

One of the most common mistakes that rookie classic car owners make is underestimating how much time, effort, and money goes into maintaining the vehicle. Vintage cars aren’t like everyday models. Their age requires closer, more detailed, and typically more expensive maintenance and repairs.

Before you buy a classic car, ensure that you’re familiar with the challenges of maintaining one. Parts are harder to find and more expensive, and it may take time to find a mechanic who knows how to work on your older model car.

Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid 2

Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid

Too Many Modifications

You may want to upgrade and enhance your new classic car to make it run better than ever, but be careful about further modifications to old vehicles. Many rookie classic car owners get overambitious and ruin the car’s value with superficial, cheap additions and aftermarket parts. Always remember that the closer the classic car is to the original production, the more valuable it’ll be to collectors.

Neglecting the Owner’s Manual – Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid

The vehicle owner’s manual is like the bible for the classic car, so don’t underestimate how valuable it can be to your car ownership. Too often, owners forget they have a manual or fail even to acquire one for their new classic car. In the manual, you’ll find the vehicle’s recommended service schedule and other essential information to maintain your classic car’s value.

Pro Tip

If you do not have the original owner’s manual for an old car, most can be found for free online from the OEM or other owners.

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Rookie Mistakes for Classic Car Owners To Avoid

Forgetting Regular Maintenance

Speaking of the service schedule, another typical issue that new classic car owners experience is neglecting or forgetting the recommended service schedule. Some assume they can be a little more generous with the guidelines since they don’t drive the classic car often. But oil and other fluid changes, tire pressure, and air filter changes are all vital for an older car to keep running. Write down the recommended service schedule and set reminders so you don’t forget.

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