Frozen berries and vegetables

Foods You Should Never Freeze

Times are no longer the same as before, and there are times when we have no chance to go to the supermarket whenever required and turn to freeze certain foods to have on hand at any time, but we have to be careful about what we want to freeze as the freezing process is not favorable for all kind of food.

1. Green Salads

Certain greens like Peas and Carrots and such can be frozen after being blanched in hot water, then cooled sealed on frozen, but Lettuce or Arugula and this type should bever be frozen.
They lose their crispness and green, are practically withering, pigmentation changes to black or white, and its flavor is altered.

Close up bunch of fresh, green batavia lettuce

2. Milk

When thawing, this drink does not return entirely to its liquid state as it retains small lumps because of the cold. Most Milk these days are sold in boxes like Almond Milk and Cashew. They have a long self-life check the best before dates article on TotesNewsworthy for more info. But regular Dairy Milk should never be frozen.

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