Why is CBD Usage so Popular?

Why is CBD usage so popular? The CBD industry is thriving and will hit the $15 billion mark by 2025. One product that has become popular is CBD cream. While more research is needed regarding the effectiveness of such products, preliminary studies show that they may benefit those with chronic pain and inflammatory conditions.

Why is CBD Usage so Popular?

According to the World Health Organization, CBD (cannabidiol) is a cousin of medical marijuana, but it’s derived from the HEMP plant – they share the same molecule. CBD is legal at the federal level as long as it has a concentration of less than 0.3% THC.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD creams are designed for topical application. Choosing the best CBD cream should focus on those tested by ISO 17025 laboratories. Also, such products should contain no more than 0.3% THC and must have a certificate of analysis. Some CBD topicals can include aloe and vitamin E.

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Why is CBD usage so popular?

Protects against the damage of inflammation

Science has proven that even low-grade inflammation can be a silent killer. If not resolved, it can cause type-2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, among other conditions. CBD has proved effective and can be an alternative treatment for patients who rely on opioids to relieve chronic pain.

Can help with chronic pain/ Arthritis

Our bodies have a cell-signaling system called endocannabinoid. Some researchers link CBD reaction with ECS. These tiny receptors are attached to the cells to receive signals and help them respond. And this is what creates pain-relieving effects on the body. This is why is CBD usage so popular?

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Why is CBD Usage so Popular?

While more studies are needed to establish how CBD can cure chronic pain, preliminary reports show that CBD creams can lower pain associated with arthritis. Further research suggests that such creams can inhibit neuropathic pain.

According to the arthritis foundation, the effect of CBD oil is promising but not conclusive for arthritis patients. For most research, the primary benefit of cannabidiol is to reduce inflammation that causes arthritis.

Why is CBD Usage so Popular? Potentially helps with Eczema and Psoriasis

According to a Colorado school of public health professor, our bodies contain two receptors, CB1 and CB2. When you apply it to the skin, you trigger an anti-inflammatory response. When you use CBD, you may see a reduction in redness on the skin. And because the cream reduces dryness, it can tamp down the itch.

In one study published in the Italian Journal of Clinical Therapeutics, the researchers looked at 20 participants who suffered from psoriasis or eczema. Those who used CBD ointment boosted elasticity in the skin. The researchers also discovered that the fatty acids had an anti-inflammatory effect.

For most skin diseases, dermatologists recommend non-steroidal therapy to fill in the gap. Some scholars believe that CBD could be non-steroidal. The side effects may include thinning the skin when used in the long term.

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Why is CBD Usage so Popular?

It possibly plays a role in treating acne.

Besides being a therapy for anti-inflammatory diseases, CBD has shown its potential in fighting acne. According to research, this product has an anti-inflammatory component and is approved by dermatologists. In another study presented by the American Society of Microbiology, CBD can kill gram-positive bacteria associated with the treatment of acne.

May reduce inflammation caused by sunburns.

Perhaps one of the newest additions of CBD is that it works as a sunscreen. Being a potent anti-inflammatory, applying CBD-infused sunscreen can tamper with the reaction of sunspots. However, all products must meet the American Guidelines of Dermatology guidelines.

Is CBD cream right for you?

According to 2020 consumer reports, CBD is not a replacement for arthritis medication but can help with the condition. You must consult your doctor to ensure the product doesn’t interact with your current medications.

Unknowns about CBD dosage

Scientists are still unsure about the dosage or maximum penetration. Some companies formulate the product based on the skin area the product is designed for. It can be tough to determine which combinations are the best when several chemicals are used.

Criteria when picking CBD cream, Why is CBD Usage so Popular?

Check the quality control.

Some CBD vendors don’t take their products through third-party testing. Only use products that follow good manufacturing practices and FDA standards.


Some hemp and Cannabis products are USA grown and non-GMO.


There’s no recommended dosage when taking CBD products. However, you should pay attention to CBD per ounce.

Type of HEMP isolate

A full spectrum extract has trace amounts of THC. Instead of taking products with CBD-isolate alone, you should go for a full spectrum extract.

How To Make Your Own CBD Lotion

Why is CBD Usage so Popular?

To sum things up, CBD creams can be helpful for individuals with chronic pain. But again, more research is needed to help users understand how the product can be used to treat skin conditions.

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