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Woke Detox Centers Coming Soon?

Democratic strategist James Carville recently brought a theory of stupid wokeness out in the open. He blatantly pointed the finger at democrats who lost the gubernatorial seats in Virginia and New Jersey, among others. Carville appeared on a PBS news hour and explained why he described the democrats as using faulty lounge politics. But what surprised many was his comment, `Woke Detox Centers coming soon.’ No one was certain if this was a joke considering the words came from a man who guided then-President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

Time for a `Woke’ detox

When Carville said that some people need Woke detox, people saw this as a divisive statement that would cause even more issues. He further emphasized that ‘wokeness’ is a real problem that ought to be addressed immediately.


Time for a `Woke' detox


What is Woke detox?

Carville is of the view that people should not just look at New Jersey and Virginia. Instead, they should also focus their attention on places like Long Island, Seattle, and Minneapolis. He believes that the democrats aren’t paying attention to issues that matter. Things like using proper pronouns for transgender students or removing statues should never be a priority when there are many other critical issues to discuss. And that’s why they need a `woke’ detox.

The democrat strategist questioned Cuomo and said the noisy win of the party should not define the rest. He also alluded to the popular opinion that the democrats are naive and focused more on preserving their identity than winning elections.

Is Carville up to something?

There’s some evidence that Carville is trying to mask some candidates as far as critical race theory is involved. It’s believed that more than 50% of the voters polled in Virginia thought that the Democratic Party was becoming too liberal. This fact could help explain why Governor-elect Glenn Younkin won the election instead of the incumbent Democrat.

The strategist said that the suburbanites are pulling away from the Democratic party for reasons such as these. He voiced the popular opinion that the Democrats did not do much more than watch the grenade go off. Some liberal media pundits appeared to blame white supremacy for the loss that Carville did not seem to support. He seemed to think that this particular kind of wokeness not only caused the loss of the election but could potentially ruin the party in the long run.


What is Woke?

This is not a new view for the well-known Democrat strategist.

A few months ago, Carville had an interview with Chris Cuomo. He said the `woke’ issues were making it hard to keep the house and senate majority. And that people are into the language to keep their identity – that’s alright. Carville also told Cuomo that people let the noisy win of the party define them.

Before elections, the strategist expressed worries that McAuliffe would lose the race after saying that parents are not allowed to explain to schools how to teach their children. In October, Carville made remarks that Democrats would lose to Republicans in Virginia. He asked democrats to bring other people on board since the race would be tight. If you can recall, Carville asked democrats to focus on real politics instead of woke topics, but a majority disagreed.

Many were also surprised by the results in Buffalo, where the socialist candidate lost to the incumbent Byron Brown. The `defund the police’ campaign promise did not seem to go over too well with the voters. In New Jersey, which is a historically blue stronghold, the republicans performed surprisingly well.

In Seattle, the republicans won for the first time in three decades. The democrat opponent was described as a police and jail abolitionist. Even in a stronghold like this liberal city, the residents were not ready to be guinea pigs of this extreme social experiment. In Minneapolis, those council members who embraced the same ballot question failed too.

While ‘Woke detox’ may sound like a joke to some, if democrats fail to notice how many of their policies fail, they may be doomed to lose many more elections. The exit polls were transparent, and partisans voted, but the independents disagreed on many issues. And one thing is clear – the wokeness revolution is not winning. Even many die-hard Democrats are disgusted by the extremes the party now seems adamant to support.

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