What is China Food Stockpiling Effect on World Food Security?

With the number of food shortages growing around the world, many economists and supply experts are asking what is China food stockpiling effect on world food security. Reports of China food stockpiling have been growing over the last few years, and experts are trying to determine what impact their efforts are having on world food security.

Why is China Stockpiling Food?

When did China Stockpiling Food become National Policy?

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages, the President of China, Xi Jinping, announced to his country and the world that China’s security-oriented economic plan would be one oriented on security for the Chinese people.

His announcement marked the beginning of an inward pivot to drive China to become more self-sufficient in several categories. The assertive nationalist plan explained by Jinping focused on several areas, including raw materials, technology, and, of course, food staples.

Why is China Stockpiling Food?

There are multiple reasons why China has begun stockpiling food, but many of them are rooted in strained relations with other countries. Issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the sovereignty of Taiwan, and human rights issues continue to result in growing tensions between China, the United States, the European Union, and other countries.

Allies of the United States, including Canada, Australia, and Japan, have taken action against China by restricting the importation of certain products. Australia famously banning the exportation of coal to China is just one recent example that gravely worsened an energy crisis the country was experiencing last year.

World Food Security Definition

Another Reason China Stockpiling Food is Alarming

The People’s Republic of China has the largest populace of any country on earth. China stockpiling food for its more than 1.4 billion citizens does not seem unreasonable. Most experts agree that China can’t produce enough food and energy for its current population domestically.

For a country as densely populated as China to maintain a certain level of food security, they would also have to rely on the importation of grains and other food staples from other countries.

China stockpiling food basics such as rice, corn, and wheat is expected from production on their farmlands. China stockpiling food effect on world food security is much greater now that they have also increased their importation of the same grains.

These efforts of China stockpiling food are driving prices up to a point where poorer countries can no longer afford to purchase maize, soybeans, rice, and other food staples for their own populations.

World Food Security Definition

World Food Security Definition

The definition of world food security varies depending on who you ask. Still, most experts agree that it requires access to a sufficient amount of nutritious food to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, there are more factors involved on both social and economic levels. World food security is considered relatively impossible at this time because it would mean that everyone on earth has easy access to enough nutritious food daily and can also afford it.

Many poorer countries have struggled with food security for decades. Countries including Chad, the Congo, Haiti, Nigeria, and Ethiopia are just a few examples where millions of people frequently struggle with food shortages, hunger, and famine.

Now that China food stockpiling has been announced as a national policy, the price of food staples such as wheat, corn, and especially rice is expected to rise. This price increase makes it much harder for these already struggling countries to feed their people without global assistance.

What is China Food Stockpiling Effect on World Food Security? 2

What is China Food Stockpiling Effect on World Food Security?

China food stockpiling effect on world food security is simple to determine. China food stockpiling means that other countries in need will have less access to nutritious food.

The China food stockpiling effect on world food security is also likely to increase tension between countries competing for food resources. Global organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the International Red Cross warn that food shortages and supply chain issues are likely to increase these tensions and eventually result in military actions.

What Does China Food Stockpiling Effect on World Food Security Mean to You?

The China food stockpiling effect on world security means that everyone should begin to start their own emergency stockpile of food. Start with the most basic shelf-stable foods that are easy to prepare. Canned meats such as turkey, chicken, or tuna are excellent protein sources and easy to prepare during an emergency.

Another Reason China Stockpiling Food is Alarming

Dried pasta, beans, rice, and quick oats, along with canned fruits and vegetables, can help you maintain a healthy diet if shortages or other emergencies limit your access to regular food supplies. And always remember to include a decent amount of purified water or a water filtration system with your emergency supplies. On average, an individual needs approximately one gallon of clean water a day, half to drink, and the other half for hygiene and sanitation.

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