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What is an Angel shot?

What is an Angel shot? Picture this: you’re at the bar with a stranger, and you get worried about your safety. You may have an exit strategy like a faux emergency text, accidental wine spill, or a sick dog at home. But sometimes, these excuses are not enough, so that you may need help from the bar staff. This is where an angel shot comes in. It can help you get out of unhealthy, unsafe, and uncomfortable situations.

What is an Angel Shot?

It’s a code that alerts the staff that you’re in trouble and you need help. This is what you need when you don’t feel safe with the dinner’s behavior. Depending on the severity of the situation, you can order an angel shot in three ways:

On Ice – this is a sign to the bartender that you need to call Uber or a taxi.

Neat or straight up – it’s an indication that the guests need an escort to their car.

With a twist or Lime – this is a sign the bartender needs to call the police.

Being a relatively new concept, there are different ways guests can order one (differs from one bar to the other). Some bars have additional offering options that signal the bartender to call staff; guests need you to call a family member on their behalf, or the guest ordering a drink from their friends.

The angel shot can also be helpful when you suspect someone at the bar spiked your drink, and you need help.

What is an Angel shot?

What is an Angel shot?

Where did the term come from?

A movement inspired this term in London. It started as an initiative as a sign of being unsafe during a date. The support service created this code for women (East England). It’s simply a way of letting the staff know that the date is not working out or they don’t feel safe with the guest’s behavior.

On apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder, you cannot be sure of the person you’re having dinner with. Thankfully, the angel shot is a simple way to make your guests comfortable.

What is an Angel shot? In recent years, the term angel shot has gained popularity in other countries. It’s a promising strategy that can help a stranger in a non-conversational way.

Your sign doesn’t have to be fancy. Bars and restaurants have followed this suit by posting accurate signage in restrooms. But again, the guests who don’t need to use the restrooms are left in the dark. If predators know about it, they can understand the chain of events that follow and what can work.

But despite the minor flaws, an angel shot is what you need to get out of that bad situation.

What is an Angel shot? Ask for Angela

Another popular term you’ll find in restaurant windows and restrooms is `Ask for Angela.’ The staff offers an individual and discreet service to help you get rid of distress. If the person becomes aggressive or threatens to harm an individual, the police can be called immediately.

Ask for Angela is a discreet code that makes the staff confident to support the customer. The bartender will understand your situation and help you leave discreetly. In theory, this sounds like a great idea when you feel uneasy.

Generally, the character `Angela’ asks questions to help you reflect on your current situation. However, not all bars and restaurants participate in the campaign (started in Lincolnshire County). The campaign is named after Angela, which means angel.

You can ask Angela if the date is not working out or feel like you’re in a safe situation.

Bars in America are now coming up with this secret code to help women who feel unsafe during their first dates. So, whether your date turns to be good or bad, you should make sure you’re fully aware of the surroundings. You can always order the shot codes when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

What is an Angel shot

What is an Angel shot? Safety is key to great hospitality.

Going to the bar or that trendy restaurant is meant to be a relaxing experience. But when creeps abound, this can turn into an escape room situation.

When guests walk through the restaurant door, you must ensure their safety. With terms like angel shot or ask for Angela, visitors can keep harm out of the way. Since most of the creepy bar run-ins happen to women, you should always have an escape route. That said, you must train your staff how to use these terms to keep the guests safe.

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