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What are webtoons and Why are they Popular?

Totesnewsworthy explains the new sensation called Webtoons. We’re trying to explain what are webtoons and why are they popular?

Webtoons are gradually but surely becoming popular around the world. Despite initially being from South Korea, more and more people overseas are beginning to find them captivating and treating them as a welcome alternative to print publications. This has sparked a wave of translated webtoons into foreign languages such as Mandarin, English, and Indonesian. But what are webtoons?

What are webtoons and Why are they Popular (1)

What are webtoons?

If you are wondering what a webtoon is; this is a form of online comic that originated from South Korea. It is a drawn narration with speech bubbles that features colored images. Webtoons are published on a consistent schedule online that could range anywhere from once to twice a week, and this is done in continuous vertical strips that allow for easy reading for those who can access them on a smartphone or computer.

For those who are just hearing about webtoons and are eager to get their hands on one, the following are some of the most exciting webtoons translated to English that you can read today:


Artist Hyunseok Yun created this fantasy webtoon that boasts an overall online rating of 9.59. You can find over 200 episodes of this exciting series that are presently available in the English language. In the story, Dong Tae gets continuously bullied at school by his classmates, condemning him to a life of misery. Tae Bin is a new exchange student who joins Dong Tae’s class and sits next to him. He proves to be popular among his schoolmates, and everything about him seems to be just perfect. On one fateful day, Tae Bin surprises Dong Tae by suggesting that they should play a game of dice, and things get interesting from there.

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Cheese in the trap

This romantic webtoon by Soonki has a rating 9.69, with more than 100 episodes translated to English. In 2016, the story was adapted into a movie with the same title. Cheese in the Tap revolves around the life of a hardworking student, Seol Hong, who goes back to school after a lengthy break. It also features, Jung Yu, her love interest and schoolmate who’s earned the name Mr.Perfect from his peers. This webtoon explores the lives of the two schoolmates from the perspective of Seol. She feels getting involved with Jung was the beginning of her life taking a turn for the worse.

About Death

This webtoon drama was created by Sini and Hyeono and had an impressive online rating of 9.83. It explores the world that exists between life and death while following a super-human figure that talks to those delicately hanging on the border that separates the living and the departed. The series has exciting soundtracks that are unique to each episode and serve to build up the mood of this gripping and melancholic series. The webtoon takes on themes such as love, loss, suicide, regret, etc. as it tells a captivating story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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What are webtoons?


This webtoon features Jin Seon, the main protagonist who also happens to have a wealthy CEO father, Dongsoo Seon. But there is a twist…his father is a serial murderer who forces his son to be an accomplice. Meanwhile, Jin has a strong resentment for what his father gets him to do and his life in general. Despite this, he can’t afford to defy his father’s wishes, especially when he remembers the glass eye and artificial heart that he had to get after his dad tossed him from the peak of a very tall building. This is only until he comes across Kyun, the new cute girl who’s come to town. Although he’s not the only suitor, his father too has his aspirations. The once weak Jin Seon must now learn to protect the girl he has fallen for.

What are webtoons and Why are they Popular (1)

Sound of your Heart

This comedy webtoon was created by Jo Soek. It features a lot of sarcasm, wit, and humor that you will find quite interesting to follow. The comedy highlights the life of the author himself, who doubles as the main character, as well as his girlfriend, family, and friends as they go through a series of strange encounters that will surely tickle your ribs. Sound of your heart has more than 1,000 episodes and is the longest running webtoon in South Korea. You can find hundred of its events translated to English online.

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