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Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Most popular Instagram hashtags to increase engagement. Creating engagement on Instagram is the only way to generate the kind of traffic that you need. Using social media platforms as a way to grow your business or brand is excellent, but only if there are specific engagement factors.

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Getting views isn’t enough. You need people to not only see your posts but react or respond to them in some way. Having ten thousand views on Instagram is great unless, of course, those views don’t translate into engagement or sales.

This article will help you assess which hashtag trends are popular and how to find new ones.

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

What does engagement mean on Instagram?

Engagement simply means how much engagement a post gets from its viewers, of course. If you make a post and it gets 10,000 views but 0 likes, this is a post with low engagement. If that same post had 2000 likes and 500 comments, that would be considered good engagement. Typically, when speaking about engagement, you are looking at comments, shares, and click-throughs rather than likes. Likes are halfhearted and given very little thought. Comments, shares, and click-throughs of hyperlinks are much more intentional and are a better reflection of how engaging your post is. As a brand, you would be happier with lots of engagement on your posts rather than lots of likes. Engagement is tangible likes are tedious for the most part.

What are the most popular Instagram hashtags to increase engagement?

The most popular hashtags currently are the ones that are most universally relatable. Trends change daily, for example, # Valentine’s day would be very popular on Valentine’s Day, but would be terrible most other days. The most consistently popular hashtags are those that are always relevant. Things such as #love, #feelinggood, #food, etc. are always going to be popular. They are always relevant; they are indeed always relatable. Love and food especially are always on the mind, that’s just human nature. When looking for popular hashtags, it’s a good idea to search what’s trending and consider what’s happening in the real world. JW Maxx Solutions, a Phoenix-based online reputation management firm, suggests, as a brand, it’s a great idea to jump on cultural lands yearly trends. Happy Easter! Merry Christmas! That type of thing is always great.

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Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

You must also consider what type of hashtags generate engagement. Hugely contested hashtags like #food that is very vague, generally don’t generate a huge amount of engagement. More niche, specific hashtags, are much more likely to get engagement. Posts with the hashtag #food are so contested and vague that it won’t generate a connection with anyone. #loveblueberries is far more specific, far more targeted, and speaks to people who “love blueberries” specifically. Everyone loves food; not everyone loves blueberries. A more genuine connection would be made. If someone feels a connection to the post, they are far more likely to engage with it. Here are the top 10 hashtags of 2020 (so far):

Top 10:











What makes a hashtag good?

A good hashtag is one that people are going to search for. But, it is also niche enough that you are likely to show up when someone searches with hashtags. Simply put, a hashtag needs to be in the sweet spot of not to popular (thus contested) and not too niche (so no one searches it).

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Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

What size that sweet spot is will depend somewhat on your brand’s size and purpose. Generally, a good hashtag will have as few posts attached to it as possible but as many searches.

This means there will be very little competition. This is the same idea when buying keyword searches on Google. You want popular keywords, with very little competition.

How to find new Instagram hashtags?

Finding new hashtags isn’t always easy. First, you will want to expand on the ones that you are already using.

Taking the blueberries example, #lovebluberries could be branched off into #blueberrypie or #blueberrysmoothie. You are near enough to keep consistency, yet will target a different search altogether. Simple.

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Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

The problem here is that there will probably be a lot of overlap from people who like blueberry pie and blueberry smoothies. This means you will be reaching a lot of the same people.

Branching out and trying new things is the best way to see what works. There are plenty of services that can help you generate accurate results for how popular up, and coming hashtags are. Finding the best hashtags for your brand can take a lot of trial and error. Once you get there, though, the results can be incredible.

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