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What are the Latest Millennial Buying Trends?

What are the Latest Millennial Buying Trends for New Normal

Millennials make up a considerable share of the market, yet many businesses fail to market to them appropriately. Millennials have a reasonably big reputation for being odd shoppers; it’s turned into more of a joke at this point with the older generations poking fun at them. Over time millennials will start poking fun at Gen Z for the same things. For now, though, it’s important not only to identify what millennial buying trends are but learn how to market to that specific demographic. This short article will outline some of the most impactful millennial buying trends so you, and your business, can grab your share of the market before your competition does.

Sugar-Free / Low Fat:

Millennials make up the majority of adult shoppers, yet the market has failed to adapt to their dietary choices. Millennials don’t want fat; they don’t wish to sugar, they want to eat healthily. It’s important to clarify that this does not mean you need to try and market your product as some kind of healthy alternative because if that isn’t strictly true, you’ll run your business into the ground. What you need to be doing is focussing on creating and or selling sugar-free and low-fat products or alternatives to existing products. It’s socially and financially acceptable to charge a little more for low-fat, low sugar products, which means you may even see improvement in your profit margins.


sugar free sign - Millennial Buying Trends


 Millennial Buying Trends- Energy Drinks:

This suggestion immediately contradicts the previous one. Energy drinks are booming in popularity, marketing them at millennials and under is easy. If you look at Red Bull energy drinks and how quickly they have gorged themselves on the energy drink market, you will understand what I’m talking about. Millennials have the short end of the stick; wages are historically (and depressingly) low while costs are at an all-time high. This means people are expected to work more jobs, and for longer hours, this is exhausting and is not always possible without the help of some kind of caffeinated beverage. It could be coffee, but it’s most likely going to be energy drinks. Sugar-free energy drinks do exceptionally well, too.


Cans of Red Bull, an energy drink

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