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Email Say’s Blocked Bank Account Now What?

Email Say’s blocked bank account Now What? First of all, read everything below. But the very first thing is DO NOT click on the link or call the number on the email.

Step#1 Take your Credit or Debit card and call the number on the back. Ask them to connect you with the fraud department.

Step#2 Explain the email and of course, what it all says.

Step#3 Never Click on any Link; just go or call back of card for the second time.

TotesNewsworthy suggests never responding to incoming emails or phone calls. Hang up and call your bank directly. Don’t fall victim to a Phishing scam. If it is a legitimate block, here are some reasons why it may happen. Even if the phone says the name of the bank it can be spoofed?

What happens to my blocked bank account?

Your account will be blocked but not canceled. It is quite hard to close a bank account; besides it is in the bank’s best interest to keep your account open. While your account is blocked, its uses will be limited. You can still log on, check transactions, and make deposits. You can’t make transfers. Once your account is unlocked, you will be able to use it as usual. So this can be the cause of blocked bank account

Email Say’s Blocked Bank Account Now What?

Can I lose all my money?

I’m sure this isn’t what you were hoping to hear, but yes. You can. If your account is blocked due to criminal activity, the banks are well within their rights to seize all of your available funds.

They won’t keep it for themselves; it will be handed off to the government. It is essential to clarify with your bank WHY your account has been blocked. This is the only way you will find out if your funds will be seized or not.

Avoid Scams

The bank will tell you, but you have to be the one to ask. They won’t tell you otherwise. If you do find your account frozen for criminal activity, whether you are innocent or not, you should hire a lawyer immediately.

Blocked Bank Account Scams

You may not lose all your money, but some of it. The banks can access your funds to pay off outstanding loans and debts if you neglect to do it yourself. For this reason, it is best to pay off your debts when you are able. Don’t just ignore them.

blocked bank account

How to get my bank account unblocked?

The only way you can get your bank account unblocked is by speaking to the bank, potentially with the help of a lawyer. Hopefully, it will be something as simple as a precaution against potential fraud they spotted on your account.

Many banks will freeze your account if they suspect a purchase you made was made by someone else. The policy on this can change from bank to bank. Many will freeze your accounts if you use them overseas without warning them.

Some will even freeze your accounts if you buy fuel too far off your normal route. Speak to the bank about this before your account is frozen if it isn’t already too late.

Could I open a new bank account?

Of course! You can open a new account, though it will probably have to be with another bank. You may not be able to open one with the same bank, as they reserve the right not to serve you.

Although you will be able to open a new account, you won’t be able to transfer all your funds from your existing one. Your account must be unlocked before this will be possible.

Email Say’s Blocked Bank Account Now What? Conclusion:

If you find yourself with your blocked bank account it will hopefully not be anything to worry about. Alternatively, if you are a criminal, you probably want to hire a lawyer right about now.

Regardless of the reasons it was blocked, you will need to speak to the bank to get it resolved. It is better to be done sooner than later.

If you find out it has been closed for suspected criminal activity; you will want your lawyer to help you protect that money. Best of luck with everything; your account will be excellent.

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