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Top 3 Pro Tips on Avoiding Becoming a Victim of Cyber-crime

Unless you fall victim to a critical, life-altering cybercrime event, the seriousness of such a thing is difficult to fathom. Survivors of violent crimes commonly say things like, “I’ve seen things like this happen to people on television, but I never imagined it would happen to me.” Everyone at some level or another thinks they are unique and, thus, assume it will not happen to them. If you feel the same way, then remember that naivety starts with assumptions and assumptions lead to mistakes.

how to secure your online identity

The tips listed in this article only work for those willing to change how they view cyberspace and adjust their habits accordingly. And to accomplish those two things you must know and comprehend this: it can and will happen to you eventually—when your luck runs out. Nevertheless, if you know just enough about how not to get hacked, you can increase your chances of avoiding becoming the next victim.

Why Operating in Cyberspace Is So Dangerous: Know the Statistics

Take it from the leaders in the cybersecurity industry: most cybercriminals target individuals and small businesses, according to an article published earlier this year by Forbes. Why would cybercriminals waste their time on small targets and not focus on bigger fish? Cybercriminals are good at what they do; they know bigger fish like financial institutions, insurance companies, and currency exchanges focus big time on cybersecurity. Unless the attacker is more advanced than the IT team they go up against, those working in the cybersecurity industry are for the most part one step ahead of their black-hatted nemeses.

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