4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make

4 common moving mistakes first-timers make. If you’re moving out for the first time, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Regardless of how many items you have, the process can be stressful. You can make things a little easier for yourself by avoiding these four common moving mistakes first-timers make.

4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make

Neglecting To Create a Plan

If this is your first move, don’t start the process without creating a detailed plan first. You need to take inventory of all your possessions and then decide what’s coming with you and what you’re leaving behind.

4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make (1) 1

4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make


First-timers often make the mistake of packing up everything; taking stock of all your belongings will help you get a better feel for what’s worth bringing along and what’s not. Some things are so old and worn down that you need to replace them. Start off with a list of what items you need to purchase to pack away your items, and then see what you want to bring to your new place.

Mispacking the Electronics

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to unpack and untangle loose wires on move-in day. Save yourself the headache and frustration by properly packing away your electronics. Don’t assume that you’ll know what matches up with what because you placed them in a box together. You won’t.

4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make 2

4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make


Because you have kept your electronics hooked up for a long time, you barely pay attention to the different systems or the wiring placement. Get meticulous with this task and take photos of the equipment before dismantling it. Also, be sure to label everything to avoid confusion.

Doing It All Alone

Don’t try to complete the moving process by yourself. It’s too much to take on as one person. Everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to moving. You can hire a company to help you, or you can recruit your family members and friends to chip in.

Either way, you’ll need some muscle to help with the hefty items, and you’ll need people with moving experience. Don’t invite those who have never moved before. Otherwise, you might all end up looking at each other, not knowing where to start. It’s important to ask someone with moving wisdom.

Packing Away the Essentials

Consider your bathroom and kitchen items as the essentials. Some of these things you don’t pack away, but you’d rather purchase new ones. When it comes to your bathroom items, don’t pack away soap or lotion. These are things you can repurchase at the store anytime. Instead, try and finish off the supplies you have now so that you can start fresh at your new place.

4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make 3

4 Common Moving Mistakes First-Timers Make

Pack away most of your kitchen utensils, plates, pots, and pans, but never pack away food—not even non-perishable items. They don’t travel well, and they will create more of a mess for you when it comes time to unpack. Again, try and finish these items off so that you have less to deal with.

You don’t have to be a seasoned mover to avoid these four common mistakes. As a first-timer, you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

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