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The Next Big Thing in Plant-Based Lifestyle

One of the most emphasized topics when it comes to health and fitness is embracing a plant-based lifestyle. It is no longer a secret, so many foods that we consume nowadays are being processed and preserved using chemicals.

Unfortunately, some of the products that we consume have unhealthy contents in them that highly contribute to several lifestyle diseases. With the increasing awareness of living healthy by watching what we eat, you will realize the benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

But first, what exactly do you understand from this? A plant-based lifestyle simply means eating unprocessed foods that come from plants and do not have any ingredients from animal products such as meat, and fish, dairy, honey, and eggs.

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Whole Grain Bread with Nuts and Avocado

From the description, you may frown a little bit since you may assume that this would be a very annoying kind of diet. However, that is not the case as there is such a wide variety of plant-based foods which can help you avoid the monotony of eating a particular meal. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at what the plant-based lifestyle has in store for us, shall we?

Types of Plant-Based Foods You Can Eat

If you are unsure of where to start with a plant-based lifestyle, it is essential to know precisely what kind of food you need to get to achieve the ultimate goal of staying healthy. As mentioned earlier, there are a good number of foods which can help you achieve a plant-based lifestyle including:

Vegetables; A plant-based lifestyle would not be complete without corn, lettuce, kale, peas, spinach, avocado, etc.

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Roasted Butternut Squash

Whole grains: examples of these include oats, barley, millet, brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, sorghum, etc.

Legumes: the most common is any beans, lentils, pulses, chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts, etc.

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Sprouted Mung beans is another great high protein food.

Tubers: root vegetables that never miss on the list include sweet potatoes, carrots, beetroots, parsnips, potatoes, and of course Squashes.

Get Started With Plant-Based Diets

Now that you have a clue of the plant-based foods you can implement in your diet, here are a few tips on how to have a smooth transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

1. Focus on eating more vegetables than meat. You can change your mindset on how you eat meat and instead of eating it as the main dish, use it a garnish. That way you will eat more vegetables and a minimal quantity of beef if you want to.

2. Make healthy choices of the fats you consume. There are good fats in olives, olive oil, nut butter, avocados, and seeds.

3. Let whole grains be part of your breakfast. You can have oatmeal, quinoa or barley and add some fresh fruit to get a balanced meal.

4. Make a meal out of a salad by filling a bowl with some lettuce, red bell pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and some radishes. There also other vegetable salad options you can look up in different websites to give you an idea on how to prepare different recipes that suit your tastes and preferences.

5. Eat fruits such as watermelons, ripe mangoes or peaches as your dessert.

6. Avoid eating refined foods, processed oils, and white flour.

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Most stores have Vegan cheese using Almonds or other ways to substitute dairy

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