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Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality

Plant-based lifestyle expectation vs. reality. Adopting a plant-based lifestyle is one of the many things that most people take for granted. Living such a life requires a strict inner discipline as you try to avoid animal products, but it rewards handsomely. Your body will surely thank you for deciding to live a plant-based lifestyle.

healthy vegetables and fruit food to help you be healthy

Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality

Many people may think that living such a lifestyle is missing out on fun.

Is this true? No, not at all. This article will clearly show the expectations of adopting a plant-based lifestyle vs. the stark reality of the matter. So let’s begin.


Expectation: You won’t get enough proteins or any other nutrients when you switch to a plant-based lifestyle.


While it is conventional knowledge animal products are a great source of proteins, most plant products come with the full package. The protein sources in plant products are sure to meet your protein needs and even more. Take, for example, soy, which is purely made up of protein. This vegetable comes with all nine of the essential amino acids. Therefore, you don’t need to compliment it with other proteins

Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality 1 (1)

Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality


Expectation: Building muscles is going to be hard if you are on a plant-based diet.


For those planning to build muscles, a plant-based diet is beneficial. Most bodybuilders are usually advised to increase their protein intake to build more muscle. Some plant products can sufficiently supply the protein needed accompanying it with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

To provide you with enough energy for your workout, you can increase your carbohydrate intake by taking whole grain such as oatmeal for breakfast before hitting the gym. You can always have smoothies with Pea Protean and Blueberries, so you have your protein and your antioxidants.

Change in weight – Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: The general hope of switching to a plant-based diet is weight loss. Most people will assume the reason as to why you would change to a plant-based lifestyle is to shed off some weight.


Weight loss is never a guarantee when switching to a plant-based lifestyle. Remember things like potato chips and some cookies that do not contain animal products. However, if you’re planning to lose weight, you should expect your diet effectively and change its course to more fruits and vegetables. Use this as a guideline to eat fewer carbs and load up on protein-based foods like the protean smoothies mentioned above and have a handful of Almonds. Just because French Fries have no Animale fat does not mean it is an excellent food for losing weight.
Beware of this their plenty of fat vegans. The Idea is to substitute animal fat with Plant-based protean.

Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality 1 (3)

Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality

Boring diet

Expectation: A plant-based lifestyle is limiting in its diet therefore boring.


Eating a plant-based diet gives you the chance to stay in the kitchen for longer. You can explore a whole new plethora of recipes that you can learn and incorporate. By learning how to substitute animal products in various meals, you will quickly discover that other proteins can fit right in. Beans, lentils and other veggies are good substitutes for meat. Now you can try Curries and other spices with foods like Chickpeas and Mung beans and still have dishes that are super tasty.

If you are worried about your junk food eating life coming to an end, say no more. There is junk food that is made specifically to suit your meat evading life. These include vegan pizzas, vegan burgers and vegan lasagnas. Much new Pizza is now made with Cauliflower crusts and Vegan cheese. Just use moderation.

Kids and teenagers

Expectation: A plant-based lifestyle is not the best for kids nor teenagers since they’re growing.


Children, as well as teenagers, need a vast variety of nutrients to aid their growing bodies. A plant-based diet easily provides them with all these nutrients. Some pediatricians will advise parents to have their children on a plant-based diet if they are lactose intolerant. Keeping your kids on a plant-based diet reduces their risk of being overweight.

Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality – Social Interaction

Expectation: Eating out with friends is going to be hard.


Most restaurants have an option to cater to a plant-based diet so the next time you go out with your friends, you may want to mention these restaurants. Should a situation arise when you are invited to a barbeque party, remember to ask the host to put something for you in the menu? As seen, you can still have a good time with your friends even if you have adopted a plant-based lifestyle.


Expectation: A plant-based lifestyle is going to be expensive.


Whole grains, beans, and most legumes cost less than meat or other animal products. By saving on the amount you would use for meat or fish, you can use the extra cash to go for the pricy vegetables. Trust me; it will be a better and healthier investment.

So there’s that. As seen from the above, living a plant-based lifestyle is exceptionally healthy. It may not be a smooth transition when adopting such a life, but it is worth it. Your health is your most vital entity. A plant-based lifestyle will surely ensure you live a longer and healthier life, so why not start?

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