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The New Era of Digital Love Arrives with Obimy App

The New Era of Digital Love Arrives with Obimy App, which helps people share emotions and brings people together.

Sometimes it can be challenging to express our feelings. It can even be challenging to share how we feel with our loved ones and closest friends and family. How often do you feel sad or isolated? How many times are you happy and share it with that special someone? In this new post-pandemic digital era, we have created a new way of communicating with those we love.

Obimy is a free and easy-to-use app designed to exchange feelings, send gestures and affections, and strengthen the emotional connection with your loved ones. In a time when people are feeling more and more isolated, Obimy is bringing people closer together.

When we engage in chats, messages, and stories, Obimy facilitates instant communication using few words. In these digital times of chats, channels, and social media stories, Obimy facilitates instant communication using few words.


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How do you connect with your chosen friends and family on Obimy?

A “Partner” is a person with whom you want to be closer and build a healthier relationship. It is not just for romantic relationships. By marking them as partners, you can connect with your mom, dad, siblings, best friends, roommates, or anyone you designate as a “partner.” On the app, you simply use the Senses function to express your feelings at any time. The Obimy app offers six special actions to share your mood.



Do you want to keep track of how much time you spend with that special someone?

Another feature of the Obimy app is that it tracks and calculates the amount of time you spend with each partner. It is also capable of measuring and recording the heart rate of both users when they are communicating with each other through the application.


The New Era of Digital Love Arrives with Obimy App (1)


Share your Mood

Download and install Obimy to get closer to your loved ones and create a more loving and healthy relationship. The Obimy application is designed to share your emotions easily with the people most important to you and is available for IOS and Android.

Independent developers have designed the Obimy application for use worldwide. Concerned about the future of social life and the environment, they base their projects on different current problems and pool their resources to improve worldwide communications. Since the launch of the Obimy application, it is now available in more than 40 countries, and the number of active users is now in the thousands. According to the overwhelming response, the user reviews are excellent, and recommendations are solid.

Learn more about Obimy on his official page. Also, follow their social media news on Instagram and Facebook.

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