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The 5 Best Convertibles To Buy Secondhand

Check out the five best convertibles to buy secondhand. If you’ve never felt the thrills of driving a convertible, it may be worth the investment to own one yourself. These cars offer a unique riding experience that’s only replicable on a roller coaster—only in this situation, you’re in complete control.

However, these automobiles are quite coveted and often carry a hefty price tag. Luckily, there are many used, roofless rides that are entirely affordable.

Check out the five best convertibles to buy secondhand.

2019 Fiat 124 Spider

Many American buyers are hesitant to drop money on a Fiat. For ages, people joked that Fiat stood for “Fix it again, Tony!” However, the brand has experienced a revival in the past decade, and their cars are worth every penny.

What makes the 124 Spider so unique is that Mazda, the creator of the famous MX-5 Miata, actually builds it. The 124 Spider retains its Italian-designed roots and features an easy-to-use soft-top roof.

2010 Chevrolet Corvette

Corvettes receive much hate these days, as most people consider them imposter sports cars. Since Corvettes are made with Chevy parts, other top brands indeed produce objectively better sports vehicles. However, there’s no denying the coolness of a Vette’s design.

These cars are mean, attractive, and fun to drive. Most importantly, they’re highly affordable on the secondhand market! Nothing beats zipping in a vibrantly colored Corvette with the roof down.

Hardtop Jeep Wranglers

If speed isn’t your thing, consider any model of Jeep’s most famous off-roading vehicle! Since the late ’80s, this brand has produced fun-to-use 4x4s that feature removable hardtops and doors. The driving experience is unlike any other, and there are so many options to choose from.

The YJs of the early ’90s offer a raw and powerful ride, while the most recent special editions provide a luxurious yet rugged experience. Convertible Jeep Wranglers are incredibly versatile, and some used models go for bargains online.

2019 Volkswagen Beetle Final Edition

Listen, Volkswagen Beetles aren’t the most technologically advanced or well-performing car out there. Many gearheads are probably laughing at the inclusion of a Beetle on this list. However, there’s just something special about this iconic car. Fans of the bubbly, retro design will enjoy Volkswagen’s return to its roots.

It looks just like the Bugs of the early 2000s, but its engine packs more of a punch this time. The 174 horsepower isn’t the most impressive number, but its light build gives a zippy driving experience. Plus, this was the last year of the Beetle’s production line, so get your hands on this iconic automobile with the 2019 final edition.

2018 Ford Mustand EcoBoost 2.3

Who hasn’t dreamt about owning a ’Stang once in their life? Many Ford loyalists aren’t fans of the 2015 redesign, but this 2018 model is sleek and mean. The retractable roof is an excellent addition, and the EcoBoost engine saves thousands on gas costs every year.

Plus, this year’s vehicle featured a 10-speed automatic transmission that makes the driving experience thrilling.

Consider the five best convertibles to buy secondhand for your next vehicle purchase. Remember to consider your region when deciding on a roofless car and how many months of the year the automobile is justifiably practical.

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