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Strut Bars Why Are They Important to Your Car?

but aren’t sure which ones are right for your car? Perhaps you should consider a strut bar, which helps resist longitudinal compression.

If you’re not familiar with them, explore our guide on strut bars why are they important to your car.

Reduces Extreme Strut Tower Pressure

In typical driving scenarios, strut bars don’t make much difference. However, hard-driving composed of hard cornering and hitting bumps at high speed put extreme pressure on the strut tower. This pressure is capable of distorting the car’s alignment. A vehicle whose suspension geometry is off can behave unpredictably. Strut bars help eliminate this problem.

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Strut Bars Why Are They Important to Your Car?

Better Handling

Strut bars ensure handling is perfect for high speeds. Continuous hard driving without strut bars makes handling difficult. While the acceleration and speed may be optimal, it’s hard to control a car whose alignment is distorted. Thanks to strut bars, you can corner at high speed and venture bumpy roads without worrying you will lose control of your vehicle.

While strut bars don’t increase the speed you can corner, they make your car more predictable at high speed and when cornering. The excess pressure from one side is transferred to the other, reducing the stress of the chassis when passing through tight corners at high speeds. In a nutshell, strut bars make vehicles more rigid, reducing chassis flexing at high speeds and corners.

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Strut Bars Why Are They Important to Your Car?

Front and Rear Oversteer & Understeer Balance

You can install strut bars in the front and rear. While front strut bars are the most common, strut bars can be installed on the front and back to offer maximum handling benefits. Front strut bar installation stiffens the car’s front-end, offering notable benefits like increased understeer. Back strut bar installations help rear-end oversteer.

Strut bars can dramatically improve the handling of your vehicle when it comes to over and understeering. Oversteering and understeering are important vehicle dynamics that dictate how great the steering responds. Oversteering refers to extremely sensitive steering that turns beyond a driver’s command. Understeering is the opposite—a vehicle’s poor steering response. Front and rear strut bar installation improves steering by increasing understeering on the front and oversteering at the rear.

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Wear and Tear Benefits

Lastly, strut bars will also reduce the pressure exerted on different sides of the chassis and distribute that pressure evenly. The result is more even wear and tear. Redistributing tension between left and right strut towers in the front and right reduces overall suspension component wear and tear.

Now you understand why strut bars are important to your car, as they can correct over and understeering and offer better handling and reduce strut tower pressure and wear and tear. If your vehicle struggles with these problems, new strut bars may be the solution.

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