5 Signs You Need To Get New Tires for Your Car

Signs you need to get new tires for your car. You don’t need to be a gearhead to know that tires are crucial to a car’s performance and safety. Driving on worn-down tires negatively affects your car’s performance and puts you and your passengers in danger.

Keep an Eye Out for These Signs You Need to Get New Tires for Your Car.


When driving, do you feel like you’re picking up vibrations but not the good kind The Beach Boys were singing about? The problem could be the tires.

If you feel vibrations coming from beneath your seat at low speeds, they’re likely due to tire issues—whether there’s a flat, crack, or some other problem. If you only feel a vibration when you push the car at high speeds, it’s more likely a wheel issue. Either way, you should get a professional to check it immediately for safety.

Loud While Driving

One of the most common issues drivers complain about with their tires is that they’re too loud while driving. There could be a few reasons why your tires are so loud. And while it could be nothing at all, it could also be a sign of more significant problems.

Next time you’re driving and aren’t around other cars or busy streets, roll down your windows, turn down your radio, and closely listen to your car and the tires. Do they hum loudly, or is something else in the car making noise?

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Signs You Need To Get New Tires for Your Car

Tread Wear

Perhaps the clearest sign you need to get new tires for your car is seeing that the treads are noticeably thin. For gearheads and auto enthusiasts, this is an easy problem to spot, but many regular drivers don’t even notice until they’re driving on practically bald tires.

5 Signs You Need To Get New Tires for Your Car

The easiest way to check the tread on your tires is to do the penny test. Stick a penny in the grooves of the tire upside down. If you can still see the top of President Lincoln’s head, you’re running on thin treads and should get a replacement.

Bulges or Cracks

It’s wise to regularly inspect your tires occasionally to look for any noticeable bulges, cracks, or gouges. If the tire has a bulge on one side, that’s a clear sign it’s deflating. This may mean you need to inflate it more or that there’s an air leak.

If you spot a crack, there’s not much you can do besides get it replaced, as the tire is no longer safe to drive on. Even the best tires wear down eventually, and when they do, you want to get them replaced sooner rather than later.

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Pressure Issues

It’s normal for tires to slowly deflate over time. But if you have to inflate them every month or even every week, you could have a leak on your hands. Typically, a tire loses about one PSI of pressure every month. This depends on road conditions, miles driven, and weather, though.

If your tires are losing pressure much faster, you should call a professional to look at them. They can see if there’s an air leak that’s sapping the tires of pressure.

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