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How To Best Display Your Classic Car

How to best display your classic car. You made your classic car your baby an exceptionally long time ago, as you replaced every worn part and lovingly restored the exterior. Now, it’s time to show it off! Whether you’re planning to enter it into a competition or seeking bragging rights at a non-competitive show, you need to present it so that it makes a memorable impression.

Here are a few tips on how to best display your classic car.

Clean It Top to Bottom, Inside and Out

Most likely, you’ve treated your car to a new paint job. Now, it’s time to see how the paint is holding up. Do an all-points inspection of the body—seek out scratches, pitting, and imperfections, and perform a little touch-up here and there. Once it’s pristine, treat your car to an overall cleaning and detailing. Wash it gently and only with soft cloths and approved car cleaning products—household cleaners are bad for the finish. Wax the exterior after it dries, clean up the wheels and polish all the chrome. Clean the cabin and wipe down the upholstery and dashboards, paying special attention to any cracks and spaces in-between. Give the engine bay a proper cleaning as well, since showing off what’s under the hood is necessary!

How To Best Display Your Classic Car

How To Best Display Your Classic Car

Tell a Story

Don’t just park the car, pop open the hood and doors, and leave it at that. Tell the story of how you brought the car to the state of perfection it’s in today. Hopefully, you’ve taken photos and made films of the restoration process. Showing a vehicle in its original imperfect condition through pictures and videos can make the finished product look that much more impressive. Highlight the biggest challenges in your presentation. Explain how you tracked down certain parts, how you addressed issues, and don’t forget to add entertaining and funny anecdotes, as well as interesting information about yourself. Whether you have a looped video or a series of placards, people (especially judges) like a delightful presentation.

How To Best Display Your Classic Car

Keep Comfort in Mind

When considering how to best display your classic car, don’t forget that you’re on display too. Car shows are fun, but sitting beside your car for hours on end is exhausting. If the car show takes place outside, purchase or rent a collapsible canopy that you can place over the display space, protecting you, your vehicle, and visitors from the sun and any precipitation. If a rug isn’t provided, get one and spread it out before parking. A comfortable, low-shag area rug is easier on your car’s wheels and your feet. Bring along a discrete cooler of beverages and healthy snacks and a folding camp chair. Also, dress comfortably but neatly and appropriately. Next, give your car a last-minute review, sit back, and wait for the gawkers and compliments to start rolling in!

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